OCN considering crime thriller “Voice” season 2

A representative from OCN confirmed today that the cable network is considering a second season for its hit crime thriller Voice starring Jang Hyuk and Lee Ha-na. According to the representative, the production of Voice season 2 is being considered positively but nothing has been finalized yet including the appearance of the original cast.

Voice centers on two police officers who have suffered from the death of their loved ones and work together to solve a murder case that has caused their demise. Jang Hyuk is playing a former famous detective who became broken after losing her wife to a serial killer. Feeling guilty about not being able to protect her, he becomes obsessed with finding the murderer. He is aided by Lee Ha-na’s character who works with him at an emergency call center. Having lost her detective father to the same culprit, she is as determined as he is in solving the case and putting the culprit in jail. Before she meets him, she went to the United States to study and returns to Korea a few years later as an expert in voice profiling.

Since the negotiations and plans for producing a new season are still underway, the synopsis of the drama is unknown yet. In addition, it is not certain whether Jang Hyuk and Lee Ha-na will be reprising their roles considering their schedules and other factors.

Voice was written by Ma Jin-won and directed by Kim Hong-sun. The drama aired from January 14 to March 12, 2017, on Saturdays and Sundays at 22:00 KST. According to data from Nielsen Korea, it received high viewership ratings during its run, achieving a nationwide peak rating of 5.406 % and an average of 4.357 %. It held the record of being the highest-rated OCN drama in the network’s history until Tunnel broke this in May.

The success of Voice and Tunnel has somehow influenced OCN’s decision to complete its drama lineup on the said time slot this year. Unlike in 2016 when only the 16-episode Neighborhood Hero was broadcast on the Saturday-Sunday time slot, the network has now a complete set of dramas composed of Voice, Tunnel, Duel, Save Me, Black, and Bad Guys 2.

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