New video teaser for comedy ‘My Fellow Citizens’ released

On March 12, KBS2’s upcoming comedy My Fellow Citizens dropped another video teaser featuring its three leads.

The drama, which is directed by PD Kim Jung-hyun (Jugglers) and written by Han Jung-hoon (Bad Guys: City of Evil), revolves around Yang Jung-kook, a third generation con man whose girlfriend swindled him out of his savings. He then falls in love with and marries Kim Mi-young, a detective. The couple hides their true professions from each other while being married. Amidst all this, Park Hoo-ja, the daughter of a loan shark who once fell victim to Yang Jung-kook’s scheme, blackmails him into running for the National Assembly.

Yang Jung-kook and Kim Mi-young are played by Choi Si-won (Revolutionary Love) and Lee Yoo-young (Your Honor), respectively, while Park Hoo-ja is portrayed by Kim Min-jung (Mr. Sunshine). The supporting cast includes Tae In-ho (Life), Park Kyung-hye (Touch Your Heart), and Kim Eui-sung (Memories Of The Alhambra).

The 31-second teaser opens with money flying in a room and an exultant Choi, then switching to Lee chasing and beating up criminals. This is followed by shots of Kim Min-jung assessing a beaten-up man who is brought to her. Shots of Choi swindling people out of money are interspersed with clips of him and Lee falling in love and kissing. The teaser ends with Kim hilariously telling someone, “Oh, you are so cool.”

Combining comedy, romance, action, crime and politics, My Fellow Citizens promises to be a fun ride from beginning to end. Fitting its theme, the show is set to premiere on April Fools’ Day (April 1).

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