New still, video show Park Min-young, Kim Jae-wook’s first meeting in ‘Her Private Life’

tvN has promised to make spring a better season for the romantics, following up Touch Your Heart with another rom-com next month, Her Private Life. On March 26, the cable network released stills of Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook‘s first meeting in the drama.

Park and Kim’s characters meet up at an art auction, which makes sense since Park plays Sung Deok-mi, an art curator, while Kim plays Ryan Gold, the director of the art gallery where she is working. Both Park and Kim are dressed in crisp formals befitting their jobs, and while Kim oozes charisma as he holds up a bid placard, Park looks shocked as she partly covers her face with her own placard.

Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook in a still from 'Her Private Life'

In a video teaser released on March 23, Park Min-young is shown dressed in fansite noona garb and holding her gigantic camera as she wonders, “Do you know what they call a curator who is also an idol fangirl?” Ahn Bo-hyun quips, “A groupie!” and Park whacks him on the head. The scene cuts to Park and Kim’s awkward first meeting at the auction. A cocky Kim asks if Park wants to take home a perfect artwork named after him, and she calls him crazy. The teaser ends with Park confessing, “That’s the thing I’m most scared about… them finding out I’m a fangirl” as she bumps into Kim and he attempts to take off her mask.

Her Private Life is directed by PD Hong Jong-chan of Dear My Friends (2016). Trending actors Ahn Bo-hyun (Hide And Seek) and Kim Bo-ra (SKY Castle) will also be appearing in the show, which will premiere on April 10.

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