New ‘Just Between Lovers’ teaser poster released

With less than a month remaining prior to its premiere on December 11, JTBC’s Just Between Lovers released a new teaser poster—one that is simply shot but leaves a particularly emotional vibe to the viewers. The two leads, played by Lee Joon-ho and Won Jin-ah, are seen standing together on a stony beach while facing the ocean.

Just Between Lovers is a melodrama that tells the love story of two young people who are suffering from their past and find hope and solace upon knowing each other. 2PM’s Lee Joon-ho (Chief Kim), aka Junho, is playing an aspiring soccer player who has lost his dream and family at the same time in an accident. His father died during the accident and he has got a leg injury that would prevent him from playing soccer again for at least three years. Life has become so difficult for him until he meets Won Jin-ah’s character, a modeler at an architecture firm who has her own share of trauma from the past. She got into an accident with his younger sibling and she was the only one who survived, so since then she has been living her life with pain and guilt. However, she does not let other people know about the survivor’s guilt and sadness behind her smiling face and goes on living as if everything is alright.

Just Between Lover Poster a

The above poster features an emotional and somewhat sad meeting between the two main characters who are looking at the cold, blue ocean so vast and endless that it meets the likewise blue sky. The view and horizon seem to have a deep resonance for their wounded hearts, which will learn to heal gradually in each other’s company. 

Directed by PD Kim Jin-won of The Innocent Man and written by Yoo Bo-ra of Secret Love, Just Between Lovers is the first ever JTBC drama to be broadcast every Mondays and Tuesdays at 11 pm Korean Standard Time. A source from the production staff said that viewers can expect a “melodrama with deep sensitivity” that will touch the viewers’ heart by watching the series. 

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