Netflix’s ‘Undercover’ halts production

Netflix’s upcoming original drama Undercover has temporarily stopped filming due to suspected cases of COVID-19 on the set.

On December 1, officials from the streaming giant shared with Korean news outlet NewsN, “Some of the production crew may have come in contact with staff members who have worked with someone who has been confirmed [of COVID-19]. We are planning to conduct a thorough investigation.” They also added that the actors, their managers, and the rest of the crew who were on set will all undergo testing. “[Even] after the examination, we are urging [everyone in the production] to refrain from going out and practice self-isolation at home.”

Undercover‘s team reportedly began their investigation upon finding out that on November 29, one staff member of the film Handsome Guys came in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient outside the filming site and is still waiting for the test result. Since there have been overlapping movements and areas used by the production teams of the film and Undercover, the group behind the Netflix original series has opted to take the day off on the 1st to take the necessary precautions.

Accordingly, the respective agencies of Undercover’s main stars Han So-hee (The World of the Married), Park Hee-soon (Beautiful World), and Ahn Bo-hyun (Kairos) have each released a statement regarding the issue.

Han So-hee’s side said, “The staff who worked with the confirmed patient [and the actress] has received a negative result.” Because of this, according to the representative, Han will no longer get checked. Park Hee-soon, through his agency King Kong by Starship, shared with the news outlet OSEN, “[The actor] had no filming schedule for that day. Because his movements [and the suspected cases’] did not coincide, he is no longer eligible for examination. Therefore, there is no plan to get tested for COVID-19.” Meanwhile, FN Entertainment, on behalf of Ahn Bo-hyun, disclosed that the actor has been tested for the virus after coming in contact with a confirmed patient while working in another set. According to his management, Ahn received a negative result.

Undercover is described as a noir revenge drama about a woman who will go undercover and join the police force in search of the truth behind her father’s murder. It will be helmed by Extracurricular’s (2020) director Kim Jin-min.

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