Netflix to release 2nd season of ‘My First First Love’ in July

Netflix Korea announced Thursday via Twitter the release date of the second season of its Korean original series My First First Love.

The said series will be available on the streaming service from July 26, or exactly 100 days after its first season got released on April 18, 2019.

A reboot of the 2015 OnStyle drama Because It’s The First Time, My First First Love is a coming-of-age romantic series about five friends played by Ji Soo, Jung Chae-yeon, Jung Jin-young, Kang Tae-oh, and Choi Ri.

The story of My First First Love‘s 8-episode first season unfolds when a college student finds his childhood friend and two other friends who ran away from their families moving into his house for different reasons. It focuses on the romantic arc about the three main characters as they encounter love for the first time and start to realize their true feelings for each other.

Directed by PD Oh Jin-seok of My Sassy Girl and Yong-pal, My First First Love is the second original Netflix Korean drama to be released on the service.

Ending Spoiler

In the first season of the series, Yoon Tae-oh (Ji Soo) has finally found himself a girlfriend while Han Song-yi (Jung Chae-yeon) and Seo Do-hyun (Jung Jin-young) have started dating each other secretly. However, Tae-oh, who is Song-yi’s closest male friend, seems to be getting confused about his platonic relationship with Song-yi especially after knowing that she began dating someone. The final episode ends with him seeing Song-yi and Do-hyun kiss and wondering why he suddenly has an uncomfortable feeling about it.

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