Netflix releases official trailer of Kim Dong-hee starrer ‘Extracurricular’

Netflix dropped on Wednesday the first official trailer of Extracurricular, its latest Korean original series starring rookie actors Kim Dong-hee and Park Joo-hyun.

After the success of Itaewon Class, young actor Kim Dong-hee is back again on screen, this time playing his first-ever lead role in a series. Extracurricular follows four high school students, led by Kim’s character, who get involved in organized crimes and face the dangerous consequences of their actions.

Extracurricular Poster 1 featuring Kim Dong-hee
Extracurricular poster featuring Kim Dong-hee

The official trailer of the upcoming series gives a breathtaking glimpse of high school students caught in a spiral of crimes that leads them down the dangerous path that nobody can turn back anymore. It starts with a voice-over that introduces Kim Dong-hee’s character, a role model student turned criminal after a classmate takes an interest in his secret. He is described as a good example to other students because of his well-behaved manner and impressive academic record in school. But the accompanying scenes unravel a hidden dark side of his character, which seems to be illegal transactions with suspicious individuals. He later explains this predicament, saying that his dreams are expensive.

The video then shifts its focus to Park Joo-hyun (A Piece Of Your Mind), who plays the school’s ‘it-girl’ with the perfect life. She feels suffocated by her parents’ expectations of her, which forces her to become an accomplice to Kim Dong-hee’s character even without his permission.

The illegal operations go out of control after the school’s number one bully, played by Jung Da-bin (Should We Kiss First), and her boyfriend, portrayed by Nam Yoon-soo, entangle themselves in the same mess. Scenes after scenes of complete chaos, the four must face the consequence of their own choices and escape the dirty crimes they committed. The trailer ends with a spine chilling statement from Kim Dong-hee, “You’ll get yourself killed.”

Extracurricular is the fifth Korean original series to be commissioned and produced by Netflix, following Kingdom (2 seasons), My First First Love (2 seasons), Love Alarm, and My Holo Love. It is directed by Kim Jin-min (Lawless Lawyer) and penned by rookie screenwriter Jin Han-sae.

Netflix will release the series worldwide on April 29.

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