Netflix to make drama adaptation of hit Korean webtoon ‘Love Alarm’

Global streaming giant Netflix announced on Sept. 5 that Love Alarm, a live-action series based on a popular webtoon of the same title by Chon Kye-young, will grace the world with a unique love story via the streaming service by 2019.

Love Alarm is a story about wanting to know oneself and the heart of others. It revolves around a mobile application that alerts users when there is someone near (within a 10-meter radius) who has romantic feelings for them. Though it has a lot of fascination from the society, people are still looking for the natural feelings they had way before the app came into existence.

Chon Kye-young, one of Korea’s most prolific and popular cartoonists, has become famous for her unique style of drawing. She expresses in-depth, real emotions, and unparalleled characters that speak to its readers. Unplugged Boy and Girl in Heels are just some of her works that have gained popularity among Korean webtoon readers.

Love Alarm’s popularity across Korea has been continuously and steadily increasing for it already has 7 seasons since its debut in 2014.

Netflix actually announced already in January 2017 its plan to produce the series and have it ready for streaming this year. However, the recent announcement reveals that the production of the drama has yet to commence in 2018, from casting to filming.

The director of the hit romantic comedy Fight For My Way, Lee Na-jeong, will direct the series while writers Lee Ah-youn and Seo Bora will handle the screenplay. The 8-episode drama will be produced by Studio Dragon and will be available to Netflix users in over 190 countries next year.

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