Netflix introduces scary monsters of new Korean original series ‘Sweet Home’

Following its successful premiere last December 18, Netflix’s spine-chilling Korean original series Sweet Home has created a buzz among its viewers for its set of highly graphic and hideous-looking monsters.

Featuring lead stars Song Kang (Love Alarm, When the Devil Calls Your Name) as the reclusive high school student Cha Hyun-soo, Lee Jin-wook (Voice 3) as the mysterious man Pyeon Sang-wook, and Lee Si-young (Liver or Die) as the firefighter Seo Yi-kyung, Sweet Home follows the residents of an apartment complex called Green Home Mansion as they journey through an inexplicable and dangerous phenomenon. After finding themselves locked inside a building plagued with vicious beings, the survivors are forced to fight for their lives using the limited resources that they have.

Throughout the drama’s 10-episode stretch, five different monsters gave the viewers a whole new level of hair-raising experience, which urged the streaming giant to release their character profiles in a recent press release. Check out the creepy monsters of Netflix’s Sweet Home below:

1. Blind Monster

Sweet Home Blind Monster

Also known as the Lotus Root Monster, the Blind Monster is characterized by having part of its head cut off while the remaining portion resembles the appearance of a lotus root. From its name, this monster is blind as a result of no longer having any eyes. After becoming blind, the monster relies on its heightened sense of hearing to find human victims.

2. Tentacles Monster

Sweet Home Tentacles Monster

Otherwise called Spider Monster, this creature is an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare. Able to move easily inside vents as well as crawl on walls, this eight-legged monster chases its prey before wrapping them up in spider silk and hanging them upside-down.

3. Protein Monster

Sweet Home Protein Monster

This muscular giant was a human whose ultimate desire was to gain more muscles. After turning into a monster, its body became like a huge pile of rocks which makes it quite strong and able to inflict serious damage. Even still, it craves more muscles so it chases its victims while yelling “Protein! Protein!”

4. Tongue Monster

Sweet Home Tongue Monster

This monster has an extremely long tongue that is retractable and opens at the end like a flesh-eating flower. Using its tongue, the monster grabs its human victims and sucks out their insides. It appears to have been a medical patient prior to becoming a monster.

5. Eyeball Monster

Sweet Home Eyeball Monster

This monster has several eyes at the end of stretchable necks. It stalks the people within the building and wraps one of its necks around unlucky victims.

Meanwhile, a behind-the-scenes clip reveals details on how the director worked with renowned choreographers and VFX specialists to combine explosive visual effects in bringing the monsters to life. In addition, actors who dealt with these monsters express their awe at how each of them looked so scary at the filming set even as mere dummies.

Based on the webcomic of the same name by Kim Kan-bi and Hwang Young-chan, Sweet Home is helmed by Lee Eung-bok, director of the hit series Guardian: The Great and Lonely God (2016–2017) and Descendants of the Sun (2016). It is already available for streaming on Netflix in over 190 countries worldwide.

Source: Netflix Press Release

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  • Francia

    December 24, 2020 - 7:59 pm

    Hi, and Good Morning. Are they going to make a 2 Season of Sweet Home . That movie 🎥 I finish it in one day watching the series it was amazing . Am looking forward on another sequel. Thank you for all your Doramas.

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