Netflix drops official trailer for new Korean original series ‘Move to Heaven’

Netflix’s official preview for Move to Heaven is finally here!

Move to Heaven dives into the unique world of trauma cleaners who assist bereaved individuals in clearing out the possessions of their deceased loved ones. It follows Han Geu-ru (Tang Jun-sang, Crash Landing on You), a young man with Asperger’s syndrome, and his uncle-guardian Cho Sang-gu (Lee Je-hoon, Taxi Driver) as they uncover heartwarming stories about people who have recently passed away and become bearers of undelivered messages to those they have left behind.

The official trailer opens to show Geu-ru and his father Han Jeong-u (Ji Jin-hee, Undercover) on the act of saying their introductory rites prior to starting their work. Jeong-u says, “What the deceased wanted to say and the thoughts they wanted to share, we’re reading out for them.” Both him and Geu-ru then take off their caps as a sign of respect before introducing themselves to the physically absent owner of the room they are about to clear out. When Jeong-u dies, his last will asks the newly out-from-prison Sang-gu to become his son’s guardian and work as a trauma cleaner with him for three months.

Sang-gu starts off as the uncaring, irresponsible uncle to both Geu-ru and his fellow trauma cleaner Yoon Na-moo (Hong Seung-hee, Navillera). He calls their job “the corpse cleanup service” and even throws up in the homes they were hired to clean. However, when he witnesses firsthand how much dedication and respect a child with special needs puts into such a strange job, he slowly understands the real value of the vocation Geu-ru is bravely choosing to lead.  

By the end of the video, an emotional caption flashes on the screen, saying, “Every death has a story to tell. We light your untold stories so they can live on.” Once again, Geu-ru introduces himself as a Move to Heaven member at the start of a new cleaning day, but this time, a teary-eyed and smiling Sang-gu chimes in to make a proper introduction as well.

Move to Heaven is slated to premiere exclusively on Netflix this May 14.

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