Netflix drops new promos of ‘Space Sweepers,’ reveals film’s release date

Netflix has unveiled a new poster and teaser for its highly anticipated sci-fi film Space Sweepers, announcing its worldwide release via the streaming giant in February.

Space Sweepers is set in 2092, a year when Earth has become almost inhabitable, and a great divide has unfairly developed between the privileged and those who have been left to fend for themselves. The film centers on the crew of Victory, a junk-collecting spacecraft manned by an odd mix of people who will do anything for money. By happenstance, Victory’s pilot Tae-ho (Song Joong-ki, The Battleship Island/Arthdal Chronicles), captain Jang (Kim Tae-ri, Little Forest/Mr. Sunshine), engineer Tiger Park (Jin Seon-kyu, Man of Men/Kingdom 2) and reprogrammed military robot Bubs (Yoo Hae-jin, The Battle: Roar to Victory/The Land) come across Dorothy, a sought-after humanoid created as a weapon of mass destruction. Upon finding out what Dorothy is, Victory’s crew strike a dangerous deal that could cost them everything.

The new Netflix promos introduce Spaceship Victory’s troop and their usual activity of sweeping space in dangerous speeds to find valuable space junk that they could sell. During one of their daily hunts, they find a crashed space shuttle that contains Dorothy. When they realize that the weapon guised as a 7-year-old humanlike girl is wanted by the UTS Space Guards, they decide to hold it for ransom, only to start a war in space, forcing them to work together to save themselves.


The action-packed and exciting tale of Space Sweepers will greet the viewers in over 190 countries on February 5 via Netflix.

Source: Netflix Press Relesase


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