Netflix drops character posters of ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’ main cast

Netflix has unveiled character posters of stars Jun Ji-hyun, Park Byung-eun, Kim Roi-ha, and Koo Kyo-hwan—the impressive main cast of its upcoming Kingdom spin-off episode Kingdom: Ashin of the North.

Described by its scriptwriter Kim Eun-hee as “the beginning of everything, the root of it all,” Kingdom: Ashin of the North explores the backstory of Ashin (Jun Ji-hyun, The Legend of the Blue Sea), the mysterious heir of the Northern Yeojin tribe village, and her connection to the unprecedented cascade of tragic events that swept throughout the Kingdom of Joseon.

Ashin paints the first poster with her worried expression and pair of sad eyes. Meanwhile, Min Chi-rok (Park Byung-eun, Oh My Baby) shows mixed emotions, as if he is witnessing something alarming unfold right in front of him. Northern tribe leaders Ta Hab (Kim Roi-ha, The Running Mates: Human Rights), who is also Ashin’s father, and Ai Da Gan (Koo Kyo-hwan, KBS Drama Special: A Dance From Afar) both exude strong auras. The former looks cautious, while the latter appears roguish and slightly threatening. Much interest is now being focused on how the four characters will cross paths and become intertwined at the beginning of Joseon’s darkest times.

Jun Ji-hyun as Ashin in Kingdom_Ashin of the North
Park Byung-eun as Min Chi-rok in Kingdom_Ashin of the North
Kim Roi-ha as Ta Hab in Kingdom_Ashin of the North
Koo Kyo-hwan as Ai Da Gan in Kingdom_Ashin of the North

Kingdom: Ashin of the North is set to greet viewers from around the world this July 23, exclusively on Netflix.

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