Netflix confirms release of new occult film starring Lee Sung-min, Park Hae-joon, more

Netflix’s selection of worth-the-wait titles has just gotten even better with the addition of The 8th Night, a new Korean mystery-thriller movie set to drop on the streaming platform this July 2.

The 8th Night depicts an eight-day struggle of sealing back an evil being before it crosses seven footbridges and turn the world into a tormenting hell.

The cast ensemble features Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP (2020) and The Man Standing Next (2020) star Lee Sung-min as Park Jin-soo, a former exorcist who now lives in pain. Two and a half millenniums ago, mysterious beings got locked up in two caskets to stop them from hurting humans. However, one of them is now approaching an awakened state, forcing Jin-soo to face his destiny as a protector of the seal.

Lee Seung-min as Park Jin-soo in The 8th Night

Joining Lee is Cheer Up, Mr. Lee (2019) actor Park Hae-joon, who essays the role of Kim Ho-tae, a violent crimes detective who got tasked to investigate a strange case about seven dead bodies that were discovered in grotesque forms.

Park Hae-joon as Kim Ho-tae in The 8th Night

Meanwhile, sought-after actress Kim Yoo-jung is set to make her film comeback since appearing in Because I Love You (2017). She plays the character Ae-ran, a girl with a mysterious aura.

Kim Yoo-jung as Ae-ran in The 8th Night

Rising actor Nam Da-reum (Chronicle of a Blood Merchant) completes the main cast lineup as Cheong-seok, a young monk who must search for Park Jin-soo in order to notify him that one of the beings is about to get awakened.

Nam Da-reum as Cheong-seok in The 8th Night

Helmed and penned by the newcomer director Kim Tae-hyung, The 8th Night is slated to be available for streaming in over 190 countries around the world via Netflix.

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