Netflix confirms release of new Korean original series ‘Move to Heaven’ through teaser video, poster

In a combo of video and poster teasers, global streaming platform Netflix has confirmed the release of its upcoming Korean original series Move to Heaven, starring Lee Je-hoon and Tang Jun-sang.

Move to Heaven follows two trauma cleaners whose job is to clear out the last possessions of people who have recently passed away. Tang Jun-sang (Crash Landing on You) plays Han Geu-ru, a young man with Asperger’s syndrome. Lee Je-hoon (Taxi Driver) takes on the role of Cho Sang-gu, Geu-ru’s uncle who suddenly becomes his guardian. In their work, Geu-ru and Sang-gu uncover heartwarming stories involving the deceased individuals, thereby acting as bearers of undelivered messages to the loved ones left behind.

The freshly dropped teaser poster shows Geu-ru and Sang-gu walking in the middle of a quiet neighborhood street. Geu-ru is carrying a yellow box, which could be holding the valued possessions of a deceased person. Sang-gu has walked a little bit ahead but is waiting for Geu-ru, guiding his nephew towards the unique path that they are about to take. Marking their tracks are the words “Move to Heaven” which, along with the melancholic effect of falling petals, visually depict how the two will help people who have passed away move to their final resting place.

Move to Heaven Official Netflix Poster

Meanwhile, the teaser video opens with Geu-ru putting his headphones on and politely introducing himself, as if paying respect to a dead person before he begins touching the valuables they left inside a room. A phrase suddenly appears, saying, “Every death has a story to tell.” The camera then rotates, capturing the transformation of the room as things get slowly cleared out. “We light your untold stories so they can live on,” another phrase says, before Sang-gu takes over the frame and smiles both sadly and appreciatively. The teaser ends with the trauma cleaners standing inside an emptied out room and Geu-ru closing a yellow box. In the background, Sang-gu voices out, “We are Move to Heaven.”

Move to Heaven is penned by screenwriter Yoon Ji-ryeon of Angel Eyes (2014) and serves as the series directorial debut of PD Kim Sung-ho. It will premiere worldwide on Netflix this May 14.

In the meantime, catch Lee Je-hoon in his ongoing drama Taxi Driver on SBS or via these top Korean drama streaming sites.

Source: Netflix Press Release

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