Netflix confirms production of new original series by ‘How to Use Guys with Secret Tips’ director

Global streaming giant Netflix has announced that a new original series tentatively titled A Woman in Crisis is officially in the works.

A Woman in Crisis will tell the story of Kim Ma-ri, a box-office writer, and her extraordinary attempts to escape her world that has seemingly been taken over by the last drama she wrote.

The project is described as a makjang drama that will faithfully follow the makings of a true soap opera, including the elements of a kind yet frustrating heroine and an affectionate second-generation chaebol heir who only has eyes for the female lead. The term makjang, in reference to dramas, is commonly used to describe plots that have gone a notch overboard in dramatization or are quite outrageous, making the stories more intense, and in turn, addicting and exciting.

Helming the production is Lee Won-suk, who has drawn attention for his unique talent in infusing wit and humor in the 2013 romantic-comedy film How to Use Guys with Secret Tips. He will be spearheading the drama with writer Kim Soo-ah, who worked on the screenplay of the 2012 movie Whatcha Wearin’? The collaboration will reportedly provide a fresh and satisfying story with developments that will catch people off-guard.

A Woman in Crisis will air exclusively on Netflix.

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