Netflix confirms prod of first self-produced Korean films ‘Carter,’ ‘Moral Sense’

The world’s leading streaming service provider, Netflix, has announced the creation of its first-ever, self-produced Korean films titled Carter and Moral Sense (working title).

In an official press release, Netflix revealed that award-winning director Jung Byung-gil is set to helm the action blockbuster Carter, while veteran romance director Park Hyun-jin will be spearheading the upbeat and extraordinary romance film Moral Sense.

Carter is a chase thriller about an agent suffering from memory loss who is thrown into the middle of a mysterious mission. Director Jung’s skills in leading the productions of unique action films have attained international acclaim in the past. For his independent film debut Action Boys (2008), Jung secured himself a seat at the 27th Vancouver International Film Festival. In 2012, his movie Confession of Murder won him the distinction of Best New Director at the 50th Grand Bell Awards, the Best Screenplay trophy at the 49th Baeksang Arts Awards, and the Thriller Award at the 31st Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. His career reached even greater heights when his film The Villainess (2017) got selected for Midnight Screenings at the prestigious 70th Cannes International Film Festival. Carter, his new collaboration with Netflix, is expected to present yet another cathartic experience for viewers with its superb-quality, difficult-to-execute, and spectacular action scenes.

Meanwhile, Moral Sense is a fresh depiction of sensual love between a man with unusual tastes in sex and a woman who unintentionally learns about them. It is based on the webtoon of the same name by manhwa artist Winter. Director Park Hyun-jin, who is known for her expertise in making romance films such as Lovers of Six Years (2008) and Like for Likes (2016), is anticipated to unleash her full command of genre-specific knowledge in a thrilling romantic development between a man with secret sexual desires and a woman who discovers them.

Lee Jun-young, Lee Joo-young courted for Netflix's Moral Sense
Lee Jun-young and Lee Joo-young

U-KISS’s Lee Jun-young (Please Don’t Date Him) and rising actress Lee Joo-young (Times, Baseball Girl) are currently in talks to portray the male and female protagonists in Moral Sense. Jun-young’s label NH Media said that the entertainer has received an offer to appear in the film and is considering it, while Joo-young’s agency Ace Factory shared that their side has not made a final decision yet. If the two stars do decide to accept the project, they will reportedly be taking on the roles of Jung Ji-hoo and Jung Ji-woo, respectively.

Since successfully producing the original Korean seasonal series Kingdom (2019–present) and Love Alarm (2019–present), as well as investing in the hit movies Okja (2017), The Call (2020), What Happened to Mr. Cha? (2021), and Space Sweepers (2021), Netflix is now making its first venture into movie planning, production, and distribution through Carter and Moral Sense as part of its grand plan of spending 500 million USD in creating more Korean original content this year.

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