Netflix confirms prod, cast of new original series ‘Bride of Black’

Streaming giant Netflix announced on July 20 that actors Kim Hee-sun, Jung Yoo-jin, Lee Hyun-wook, Park Hoon, and Cha Ji-yeon will appear in its upcoming original drama Bride of Black.

Bride of Black is described as a realistic satire that follows people who dream of entering high society or maintaining their elite standing through marriage and remarriage. The narrative will depict the desires of those who wish to turn their lives around by reaching a certain social rank.

Alice (2020) actress Kim Hee-sun will suit up as Seo Hye-seung. Hye-seung is a middle-class housewife from Gangnam who had just lost everything. She crosses paths with Jin Yu-hee and gets introduced to Rex, a marriage information company. Hye-seung ends up participating in the race for the “black” rank or the top 0.001 percent of Korea’s population.

Portraying the ambitious lawyer Yu-hee is Catch the Ghosts (2019) Jung Yoo-jin. Yu-hee is part of the legal team of a large corporation. She is willing to do whatever it takes to join the upper class.

Lee Hyun-wook, who recently impressed viewers in Mine (2021), is set to play Lee Hyeong-joo, the chairman of a venture company. He belongs to the top-class rank but seeks to overcome his failed first marriage by finding a next partner who could benefit him.

Cha Ji-yeon (Taxi Driver) will essay Choi Yoo-sun, a representative of Rex, a marriage information company that caters to chaebol families and elites. Rounding out the revealed cast is Park Hoon (Nobody Knows), who will transform into Cha Seok-jin, a professor who is in conflict with Yoo-sun because of his father’s wealth.

Bride of Black will reportedly be produced by Image9Coms and Tiger Studio and will be released exclusively on Netflix.

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