‘Navillera’ drops stunning posters featuring Song Kang, Park In-hwan

tvN’s upcoming ballet-themed drama Navillera has dropped posters ahead of its March premiere!

Based on a webtoon of the same name, Navillera follows a 70-year-old and a 23-year-old as they chase towards their common dream of becoming ballet dancers and form an unlikely bond in the process. Park In-hwan (Brilliant Heritage) plays the septuagenarian mailman who retires to pursue his lifelong dream, while Song Kang (Sweet Home) stars as the 23-year-old ballet dancer who gets lost while chasing his dream. Previous teasers have showcased a heartwarming chemistry between the two lead actors despite their age gap.

Song Kang and Park In-hwan in Navillera main poster.jpg

In the newly released poster, Song Kang and Park In-hwan are pictured side-by-side under the vast, blue sky. While Song can be seen showing off his smooth ballet moves, Park stands on the side in anticipation, displaying his eagerness to learn. Roles are reversed as the older one becomes the student while the younger one becomes the teacher.

Song Kang and Park In-hwan in Navillera main poster (webtoon).jpg

A special version of the drama poster was also created by author Hun and illustrator Ji-min, the makers of the original webtoon. The poster looks exactly the same, featuring the webtoon versions of the main characters in the exact same pose.

Park In-hwan in Navillera 1
Park In-hwan in Navillera 2

Additionally, tvN dropped stills of Park In-hwan, who is set to perform ballet for the first time in his acting career spanning five decades. His character in the show begins a clumsy learning experience at the age of 70. The first still image shows the actor in a clumsy ballet pose, possibly trying to imitate movements on his own, with a serious look on his face. In the second image, a child-like wonder and joy can be seen on his face as he enters a ballet practice room for the first time in his life.

Navillera is directed by Han Dong-hwa of the Miss Lee (2019) fame, while the script has been penned by Lee Eun-mi, who wrote Tunnel (2017). It is slated to premiere on March 22.

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