Nana, Park Sung-hoon cast as leads in new office romance drama ‘The Ballot’

K-pop idol and rising actress Nana is confirmed for a lead role opposite actor Park Sung-hoon in KBS2 TV’s new rom-com drama The Ballot.

The Ballot tells the story of Goo Se-ra (Nana) a woman of low social status who possesses confidence and resilience like no other. She takes on numerous jobs just to make ends meet and has been employed as a contract worker, dispatch worker, intern, and office assistant, among others. She gets nicknamed as the “Queen Of Civil Complaints” for her constant interventions and persistent appeals to resolve issues through her local ward office. When she hears of a job vacancy in the District People’s Council with an annual salary of 50 million won for a work duration of only 90 days, she immediately applies for the post.

Meanwhile, Seo Gong-myung (Park Sung-hoon) is a civil servant of high moral principles who strictly does everything by the rulebook. He is handsome and efficient at his job but has an unfriendly personality. He makes more enemies than friends at work, as he is normally very blunt in pointing out other people’s mistakes. Due to this, he is dubbed “Great Lucifer” and gets frequently transferred around different departments. Sparks start to fly, however, when the newly-demoted Gong-myung gets tangled up with Se-ra and joins forces with her in penalizing corrupt politicians.

Nana last graced the small screen as a competitive prosecutor in KBS2 TV’s 2019 legal drama Justice. In the same year, Park Sung-hoon showed versatility by taking on the role of a serial killer in tvN’s comedic thriller series Psychopath Diary.

Helming the drama is director Hwang Seung-gi (Radio Romance), while writer Moon Hyun-kyung is in charge of penning the script. The Ballot is set to premiere in July and replace Soul Mechanic.

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