Namgoong Min vows to change the system in first teaser for ‘Stove League’

Namgoong Min‘s upcoming drama Stove League has dropped its first teaser on November 22.

Stove League is a sports-themed drama that follows the preparation of a professional baseball team called Dreams for a new season. The team ranks at the bottom of the league and have no motivation. When Namgoong Min’s character is appointed as the team’s new general manager, things begin to change.

The teaser begins with Namgoong Min (Doctor Prisoner) hitting practice balls in the batter’s box. He looks charismatic, dressed in a formal white shirt and black tie, but keeps missing the ball. The voices of his superiors discouraging him and posing problems for his team’s future make up the narration. Namgoong Min confidently asserts, “We have to change the system.” This time, he swings his bat hard and manages to hit the ball. But as soon as his bat comes in contact with the ball, documents rain around him. The teaser ends with Namgoong Min looking straight into the camera with his stance and expression conveying unflinching determination.

Park Eun-bin (The Ghost Detective) will be seen opposite Namgoong Min in the drama, playing the baseball team’s operations manager. Her character is incredibly dedicated to the team and refuses to give up on them despite their low ranking. Park has previously worked with Namgoong Min in the 2013 historical drama Hur Jun, The Original Story.

The supporting cast of the upcoming series includes Oh Jung-se (When The Camellia Blooms), Jo Byung-gyu (Arthdal Chronicles), Lee Joon-hyuk (The Lies Within), and Girl’s Day’s Sojin (The Family Is Coming).

Stove League is set to replace Suzy and Lee Seung-gi’s Vagabond on SBS starting December 13.

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