Namgoong Min shows pensive expression in stills for ‘Doctor Prisoner’

Namgoong Min is a serious and charismatic doctor for KBS2’s upcoming series, Doctor Prisoner. The production team released still cuts on February 12, which show the actor wearing a doctor’s gown and looking pensive as he worries about a patient.

Doctor Prisoner is a medical-suspense drama about a brilliant doctor, Nah Yi-Jae, working in the emergency ward of a renowned hospital. He has risen to the top by virtue of his extraordinary skills and kindness for his patients. After being falsely accused of malpractice, he is forced to leave the hospital and sent to be a medical director in a prison. While working there, he begins making connections in order to plan his revenge against the hospital that ousted him.

Namgoong Min in stills from Doctor Prisoner
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In the latest stills from the set, Namgoong Min displays both the seriousness and the charisma of a veteran doctor. In order to prepare himself for this role, he carefully studied the basics of surgery and medical practices. “I always carry around medical books and prescriptions. Please look forward to the ‘face’ I’m going to show in the drama,” he said. The actor is said to have handled his new character with such ease and precision that it is difficult to believe this is his first medical drama.

Namgoong Min rose to immense popularity after starring in the much-loved comedy workplace series Chief Kim (2017). In his new drama, he is joined by Kwon Nara (My Ajusshi) of K-pop girl group Hello Venus, and Kim Byung-chul, who recently played a rigid father and law professor in Sky Castle.

Doctor Prisoner is helmed by PD Hwang In-hyuk of Laurel Tree Tailors and Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and written by Park Kye-ok of Inspiring Generation. It will premiere on March 20, replacing Liver Or Die in the Wednesday-Thursday time slot.

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