Nam Ji-hyun to star in JTBC Drama Festa’s ‘Off Route’

Nam Ji-hyun has been cast for a starring role in Off Route, one of JTBC Drama Festa’s entries for 2021.

Off Route is described as a comedy about a mother and daughter who are chasing after a groom who has just run away on the day of the wedding. Taking an unintentional trip together for the first time in their lives, the two go through unexpected moments of getting to know each other—from fighting to becoming closer along the way.

Nam Ji-hyun has joined the drama to portray Kang Su-ji, a woman who dreams to live a life opposite that of her mother’s. She has decided to become a free soul and not a poor woman who is bound by her child and has to pay off mortgages. However, when she turns 30, she realizes she cannot cut herself off from her mother’s financial aid and fears that it has grown into a debt she would have to repay soon. Essaying the role of Su-ji’s mother Gyeong-hye is When I Was the Most Beautiful’s (2020) Park Ji-young.

Nam, who last impressed viewers with her performance in the 2020 fantasy series 365: Repeat the Year, shared, “I am happy to see [the viewers] in this one-act play. [It’s been] a long time since Mystery Freshman (2016 2-episode special drama). I really wanted to [be a part of this] story about a mother and a daughter. When I think about my family, [I think] about the moments when we loved each other the most and those [moments] when we think we hate each other because we love each other so much. I think this is a work that could show that. I hope you can see a realistic story about a mother and a daughter who talk immediately after a fight as if nothing happened, who are annoyed at each other but still stick together.”

JTBC Drama Festa, which combines the words “drama” and “festival,” is the network’s project composed of one-act plays. It aims to showcase a variety of dramas, regardless of their genre, format, platform, length, and material. In essence, the work is also intended to introduce new directors and writers who are making their debut in the industry.

Off Route will greet the viewers in two parts that will air on two consecutive days, March 15 and March 16.

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