Nam Gyu-ri transforms into an elegant woman in new stills from ‘Kairos’

MBC’s new thriller series Kairos has dropped a new set of character stills featuring one of its main characters played by actress Nam Gyu-ri.

The new Monday and Tuesday drama follows a man whose perfect life comes crashing down after his daughter gets kidnapped. Finding an opportunity to save her, he is able to contact someone from the past, who is also desperately looking for her mother who mysteriously disappeared. Together, they work against the clock in order to save both their loved ones.

The series stars Shin Sung-rok (Vagabond) as Kim Seo-jin, a goal-driven man whose daughter gets kidnapped; Lee Se-young (Memorist) as Han Ae-ri, a hardworking student whose mother mysteriously disappeared; Ahn Bo-hyun (Itaewon Class) as Seo Do-kyun, the right-hand man of Seo-jin in the company; and Nam Gyu-ri as Kang Hyun-chae, the violinist wife of Seo-jin.

Hyun-chae is from a well-off family. Her life changed overnight after her father’s business went bankrupt. She then worked part-time jobs in order to support herself and coincidentally met Seo-jin in one of her jobs. They eventually fell for each other and started their own perfect family. But Hyun-chae goes through another heartbreak after the disappearance of their only daughter, Da-bin (played by Shim Hye-yeon, Graceful Friends). 

Nam Gyu-ri-Kairos

In the released stills, Nam Gyu-ri perfectly portrayed the sophisticated Kang Hyun-chae with her flowy hair and elegant outfits, a clear get-up of a woman from a well-off family. Her eyes reflect the serious aura of a mother who will do everything for her family, but in another still, her eyes also speak the longingness for her lost daughter. Nam has expressed her affection for the character, saying, “You can see that Hyun-chae has a strong maternal love for her child and that she also tries to live her life free from guilt of everything. She also has a different perspective of the world and treats things differently.” 

The actress also shared her excitement for this new project. “After receiving the script, I could feel what writer Lee Soo-hyun wanted to express. There was a feeling that all the characters were alive, and I also wanted to portray my character as unique and diverse,” says Nam, who has nothing but praise for the script.

As such, Nam is fully immersed in her role as Kang Hyun-chae, a character who is in despair as the perfect family she always dreamed of starts crumbling before her very eyes. Expectations are set on the performance she will give and how the play will turn out for her character. The actress was last seen in the historical drama Different Dreams (2019), but she made a cameo appearance in the romance series When My Love Blooms, which aired just last April.

Kairos is scheduled to premiere on October 26 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Watch the drama’s latest teaser here.

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