UPDATE: Choo Ja-hyun to join Lee Yo-won in new JTBC drama


My Unfamiliar Family (2020) actress Choo Ja-hyun has joined the cast of JTBC’s upcoming drama Green Mothers Club.

JTBC Studios, a drama production company under the cable network, announced on May 26 that the actress will star alongside Lee Yo-won (The Running Mates: Human Rights) in the new drama with a lead role.

Green Mothers Club is said to be a depiction of the unfamiliar side of an elementary community represented by the Green Mothers Association. It will unveil the unassuming yet dangerous network of local parents and reportedly make the viewers think about what they perceive as real friendship among adults.

Choo Ja-hyun has been roped in to play Chun-hee, a mother who ranks first among the parents in the community in terms of good looks and the things she knows.

Green Mothers Club is scheduled to greet the viewers in 2022.

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Original (May 22, 2021): ‘My Unfamiliar Family’ star Choo Ja-hyun courted for new mother-themed drama

An official from BH Entertainment announced to the media that their actress Choo Ja-hyun received an offer to star in the drama Green Mothers Club.

Green Mothers Club will tell the friendship, motherhood, and growth of five women who met in an elementary community, each with a complex that they cannot overcome. Scheduled as a 16-episode series, the drama is currently in gearing up to begin filming as soon as the casting is finished.

Aside from Choo, veteran actress Lee Yo-won is also being eyed for the main role. If Lee accepts, this will serve as her small-screen comeback after two years, following her last role in OCN’s The Running Mates: Human Rights in 2019.

Meanwhile, Choo, who was praised for her performance as a calm and loving maternal character in the drama Beautiful World (2019), has been proposed to play yet another mother role. Should she accept the casting offer from Green Mothers Club, Choo will reportedly make an unconventional transformation.

Choo Ja-hyun is an artist with an acting career than spans more than two decades. She is known for her roles in the dramas Arthdal Chronicles (2019) and My Unfamiliar Family (2020). She entered the Chinese entertainment industry in 2005 and earned the title of “Star of the Continent” after the success of her Chinese drama Temptation to Go Home (2011), a remake of the Korean hit drama Temptation of Wife (2008).

JTBC is currently in discussions to air the Green Mothers Club in its network.

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