My top 3 favorite Korean drama posters in 2017

Posters. You’re a certified avid Kdrama fan if you know that each series has its posters released days or weeks before the premiere. They’re essentially there for promotional purposes but I find them more artistic than they should be and engulfed in creativity (at least, most of them) that tries so hard to represent what the drama is all about and draw in the audience into the drama’s world even before the pilot episode is out. In 2017, over 200 drama posters have been released including the character posters. Out of this number, I picked out three favorites that served their purpose very well—to persuade me to watch the series. Has it ever happened to you? Deciding to watch a certain drama just because its poster is damn amazing?

3. The Package

The idea is simple—to shoot the couple as they ride the bicycle and enjoy each other’s company. But the background is quite something, giving the viewer an aesthetic delight as he sees the lighthouse and the meeting of earth and heaven. I love this poster simply for its simplicity and clever use of the background which shows a gorgeous horizon that somehow symbolizes the encounter of two individuals who have never met before in their lifetime. The backdrop of the poster shows a bridge and tower located in the northern beach resort in Deauville coast, France.

The Package Poster 1

2. Tomorrow With You

I really love this poster. It’s first love at first sight for me, to be honest. Seeing two people sitting side by side who are happily glaring at each other in the foreground as time passes by in the background is amazing. Time? Yes, it is time (the background I mean) and the subway train at the same time, representing very well the time travel element of the story. The concept is simply amazing but the poster ends up more creative and beautiful than expected.

Official poster of Korean drama Tomorrow With You

1. Chicago Typewriter

And my most favorite poster goes to this one, which shows a picture frame of the drama’s three leading characters. I became speechless the moment I saw this. A poster like this can’t be called anything less than art. I’d been planning to watch the series before this poster came out but when I saw this, I got super excited that I wanted to see the series right away. Gorgeous and unique, one that really ignites one’s curiosity. Nothing more to say.

official poster of Korean drama Chicago Typewriter


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