My First First Love Roundup: Episode 6

Song-yi assures Do-hyun that she might have had some fleeting feelings for Tae-oh but they’ve never meant anything. Tae-oh and Se-hyeon hang out at a bookstore where she shows him her dad’s photobook and talks about his nomadic lifestyle. That night, Tae-oh and Song-yi go out for ice cream and she asks what’s he’s been doing holed up in his room. He tells her about the video he’s making for the film club and how he’s planning to use it to ask Se-hyeon out. Do-hyun and Tae-oh have been awkward since the incident with their dads and Song-yi urges Tae-oh to make up with him.

Ga-rin and Hoon are at a mobile store to buy phones. He tries to confirm if she actually has money for them and she whips out wads of cash from her bag, making him panic. She sets out for a part-time job and Hoon wonders if she’ll be okay as he watches her go. Tae-oh approaches Do-hyun while he’s out on a delivery and tells him that he’ll talk to his dad about the rent. Do-hyun warns that he’ll get mad if Tae-oh interferes. They discuss plans to ask their respective dates out and Tae-oh can’t believe that he’ll finally see Do-hyun with a girlfriend.

Tae-oh chooses a unique way to send Se-hyeon his video for the film club—through a drone. The film club members watch the video together with Tae-oh constantly checking for Se-hyeon’s reactions. The video is a montage of couples in love and ends with a photo of her, which makes her smile and means that Tae-oh passed. Hoon finds out that he’s not the main cast in the musical he has been selected for but just an understudy, which means he’ll never know when he will be able to perform. He’s disappointed but takes the job because the pay is good.

Ga-rin has gotten a job offering ramen samples to customers at a mall but cannot stop herself from eating the ramen. At their date, Tae-oh asks Se-hyeon about all the things she likes to do. She has a myriad of hobbies and interests and he tells her how amazed he is at her experience. She tells him that it’s his honesty that made her like him. At home, Tae-oh tells everyone that he has a girlfriend now. When they ask him to invite her over, he gets annoyed because he can’t call her over with the three of them living there. Song-yi overhears Tae-oh refusing his parents’ offer to have her tutor his step-brother and tells him that she’ll do it to clear her debt to his dad. Tae-oh is less than thrilled but says he’ll accompany her to his parents’ house.

Ga-rin’s mom’s secretaries bump into Hoon and show him a missing poster with her photo on it. He drops his ice cream in shock when he realizes that she’s actually a chaebol. Se-hyeon convinces Tae-oh to join a filmmaking contest with her and he agrees to do all her homework so she can focus on the contest. He tries to kiss her but keeps missing the moment and promises to meet her for dinner that night.

Song-yi asks Tae-oh not to accompany her but he comes anyway and hypes Song-yi’s tutoring skills in front of his parents, asking them to treat her well. Do-hyun shows up to ask Tae-oh’s dad to let him take care of his property for free in exchange for him not raising the rent for his dad’s restaurant. Song-yi overhears Tae-oh’s dad praise Do-hyun for being a decent son and smiles.

Song-yi waits for Do-hyun outside and the two walk back home together. She’s pleased that they’re both trying to do the same thing and tells him that if someone she liked was as decent as him, she wouldn’t mind that he wasn’t well off. Do-hyun tries to hold her hand several times but loses his nerve, asking her if she’ll be home in the evening.

Song-yi puzzles over why Do-hyun asked her if she would be home that evening as Do-hyun buys flowers and practices how to ask her out. Song-yi decides to visit him and walks out of the gate just as he’s practicing his proposal. Tae-oh is shocked to discover that Se-hyeon lives in Song-yi’s old house. He’s even more shocked when Se-hyeon tells him that she’s taking a class with Song-yi. Se-hyeon is annoyed and asks him not to talk about Song-yi when he’s at her house. When he cutely apologizes, she gives him a peck on the lips.

Songyi tells Do-hyun that she saw the flowers in his hands. He then plucks up the courage to tell her that he lacks in both time and money and won’t be able to take her on fancy dates… but if she’s okay with all that, would she like to date him? Song-yi gives him the biggest smile and says “not this one.” He’s confused for a second, then tells her he likes her with the biggest smile on his face.

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