My First First Love Roundup: Episode 5

While cleaning up after the party, Song-yi asks Tae-oh if she did anything embarrassing while drunk. He tells her that she confessed to liking someone, and then confesses that he overheard her talking about the guy she likes. He goes on and on about her being a nice girl and tells her they should just be friends. At first, Song-yi is confused but then starts laughing, informing Tae-oh that he isn’t the guy she was talking about. She’s amused that she got rejected by Tae-oh when she doesn’t even like him and leaves him feeling embarrassed.

Song-yi and Do-hyun meet for a dinner date. She asks why he isn’t drinking and he says one of them should stay sober, teasing her for having a low tolerance. When he calls for more beer, she tries to stop him and their hands briefly touch. She thinks that’s the perfect moment for him to ask her to be his girlfriend but the server arrives and the moment passes.

Tae-oh makes bibimbap but both Hoon and Song-yi are too morose to eat. Tae-oh guesses that Song-yi’s mood might have something to do with the guy she likes and he tries to pry. She says she’s not sure she’s going out with him yet and wonders if she’s not attractive. Tae-oh springs into hype mode and lists out her attractive qualities as a friend, saying, “A decent man never makes the woman he loves doubt herself.”

Tae-oh meets up with Do-hyun and asks how things are with the girl he likes. Do-hyun says they’re dating casually and when Tae-oh inquires if the girl is cool with it, Do-hyun is surprised that he has to ask. Tae-oh brings up Song-yi’s situation and tells him that she’s frustrated because there hasn’t been much progress with the guy she’s dating. Do-hyun gets defensive but besides being surprised, Tae-oh doesn’t catch on.

Tae-oh stops by the restaurant where Song-yi works to invite her to Do-hyun’s house for drinks. He drags Hoon and Ga-rin out of the house as soon as Ga-rin’s mom’s secretaries walk into their street looking for Ga-rin. Outside Do-hyun’s dad’s restaurant, Tae-oh hears his dad heckling Do-hyun’s dad for rent. Do-hyun and Song-yi arrive at the place and the former is embarrassed at his dad having to ask for favors. Tae-oh’s dad spots Song-yi and brings up her mom’s rent being overdue, prompting an angry outburst from Tae-oh.

Do-hyun leaves without getting drinks with the rest. Song-yi visits Do-hyun’s convenience store job with snacks to cheer him up. She tells him not to take Tae-oh’s dad’s words to heart but he doesn’t want to talk about it. Tae-oh clears out stones from under Song-yi’s tent and Hoon observes that he acts like Song-yi is his daughter. He advises Tae-oh to stop paying so much attention to Song-yi now that he has his own date and she has hers. Before leaving, Tae-oh asks Hoon is he’s okay and Hoon admits that failing this audition cut him deeper than other failures.

Song-yi and Do-hyun are both sad after their brief meeting. Do-hyun thinks about how much he wants to do for Song-yi and hates himself for not doing anything.

Song-yi begins her internship. At lunch, a senior from their school approaches them. At first the girls are happy to meet him but quickly turn cautious after he suggests getting drinks and asks them to address him as oppa.

Do-hyun texts Song-yi to ask how her first day was and wants to pick her up but being mindful of his work, she tells him not to come. Tae-oh is dropping Se-hyeon off when he gets a call asking for Hoon. Distracted, he forgets that Hoon gave out his number for auditions and calls them back. When Tae-oh tells her something urgent came up, Se-hyeon gets impatient.

Tae-oh calls Song-yi to share that Hoon passed his audition. He drops by at the bus stop to pick her up and makes plans to surprise Hoon and Do-hyun sees them walk home together. Hoon is in bed, oscillating between deciding if he should go back home or for more auditions. Suddenly, the lights go out and a music begins playing. Ga-rin appears with a cake, Tae-oh with a camera, and Song-yi with a party hat to put on him. They ask him how it feels to have passed an audition for the first time and when he looks doubtful, Tae-oh hands him his phone to confirm. Hoon is elated after seeing that he passed.

Do-hyun is still thinking about Song-yi and Tae-oh from last night. He meets her for lunch and tells her that he wants to care for her, but feels like Tae-oh cares for her so much already that he doesn’t have a chance. He then asks if she’s ever had feelings for Tae-oh.

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