My First First Love Roundup: Episode 4

Song-yi asks Tae-oh if he heard what she said and he skips mentioning the part about her liking a guy. He immediately assumes Song-yi was talking about him and worries about the impact this would have on their friendship. All this while, Song-yi is smiling at the plaster on her hand, thinking of Do-hyun. That night, Tae-oh dreams about kissing Song-yi and wakes up to her yelling at him for breakfast.

Still feeling awkward, Tae-oh refuses to drive Song-yi to school. One look at the overcrowded bus she’s in sends him following the bus, cribbing about how she’s being pushed around by fellow passengers. When the bus stops, he asks her to get off and ends up giving her a ride. He tries to make a fuss about her holding him for support but she persists anyway and he lets out a resigned sigh.

At Hoon’s audition for a musical. Ga-rin is very impressed with his performance but the judges seem kind of bored. Hoon takes her out for tteokbokki and she tells him this is the first time she’s eating something so full of flavor, comparing his performance to the snack. Pleased, Hoon tells her that she’s great at lifting people’s spirits.

Song-yi is over the moon after getting the internship she was desperately hoping for and her first thought is to text Tae-oh. Tae-oh is stressed because of Song-yi’s crush on him and when she shows up to his department to share her good news, he thinks she’s following him around. Song-yi wants to hang out but he refuses, remaining in panic mode until she tells him about the internship. Too happy to notice Tae-oh’s weird behaviour, Song-yi skips away.

Tae-oh plays basketball with Do-hyun to clear his head, but is unable to focus on the game. Do-hyun asks him what’s up and without taking Song-yi’s name, Tae-oh tells him that a very close friend likes him and he’s dreading turning her down. Do-hyun confesses that someone has been on his mind too, and Tae-oh can’t believe that someone as focused as Do-hyun is talking about a girl. Do-hyun describes Song-yi using pretty words, while Tae-oh describes the friend who likes him as quite a handful—unaware that they’re using completely opposite terms to describe the same person. Do-hyun advises Tae-oh to not get this friend’s hopes up at all.

Tae-oh gets home to see that Song-yi has fished out a camping tent from his attic, announcing that she’ll be sleeping in it. At first, Tae-oh is annoyed but later, he ends up taking care of everything from giving her extra blankets and setting up bug traps to securing the tent for her. The best friends go on a late night ice cream run and Song-yi tells Tae-oh all about the new place she’s going to be working at as he reminds her of safety precautions. She quips that no one looks out for her like he does. Suddenly, Tae-oh wonders if he gave the impression that he’s treating her like she’s special. He repeats that he cares for her like a friend several times before running away.

Ga-rin wants to throw a party to thank Tae-oh and her new housemates. Song-yi suggests inviting Do-hyun, surprising Tae-oh who didn’t know the two were friends. At college, Song-yi buys Do-hyun coffee and tells him about her new internship. He asks her if she always wanted to be an architect, and she says she wanted it because her dad was one too. He tells her he’s studying for civil service exams and wonders if it’s boring, but she just remarks that it’s unfair to judge goals by how fun they are. Do-hyun musters the courage to ask for her number and she obliges.

Tae-oh has an interview to join Se-hyeon’s film club. The other members dislike his half-hearted attempt but become interested when he mentions having filmed short videos before. They ask him how he got to know about the club and he says it was fate, all the while staring at Se-hyeon. The members figure out he likes her and agree to let him in but Se-hyeon sets up a condition—Tae-oh can become a member if he manages to make her laugh through a self-made video. The two take photos around his neighborhood and when he mentions that he lives alone, she asks him to invite her over. Tae-oh is excited, but remembers that he has housemates now and makes an excuse about a rat infestation.

Ga-rin prepares for the party, decorating the terrace with Hoon’s help. She asks him if it looks pretty and Hoon stares a little too long before replying that it is. At the party, Do-hyun uses an alone moment to ask Song-yi out on a date. Tae-oh brings in a cake to celebrate her internship. They all get plastered and start asking each other if they have girlfriends and boyfriends. A drunk Song-yi says she likes someone but doesn’t say who it is. She falls backwards but both Tae-oh and Do-hyeon reach out to catch her at the same time.

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