My First First Love Roundup: Episode 3

Tae-oh shows up at the police station as Song-yi’s guardian and resolves the situation. Do-hyun notices how close the two friends are. On the way back home, Tae-oh stops his scooter in the middle of a playground and asks why Song-yi avoided his calls all day and if she was trying to commit suicide. When she denies, Tae-oh gets frustrated and demands why she didn’t just tell him about her troubles. Song-yi breaks down while telling him that she didn’t want to look pathetic or be a burden to him. Tae-oh softens and apologizes for not realizing she was having a hard time even though they are best friends. He tells her to never keep a secret from him again. They go home and Tae-oh lets Song-yi sleep in his room for the night.

The next day, Tae-oh and his three lodgers gather to discuss their lodging arrangements. When Ga-rin and Hoon protest at Song-yi getting to stay when they can’t, Song-yi narrates the story of her mom leaving her and her house being sold off to get them to melt. Song-yi delegates work to the three of them, taking charge of the cooking and asking Hoon and Ga-rin to help with cleaning. Tae-oh is still in disbelief about having three of his friends stay but they turn on their aegyo and our soft-hearted hero finds himself unable to refuse.

Do-hyun brings back Song-yi’s suitcase to Tae-oh’s house and tells her he lied to Tae-oh about why they were together last night, to keep her from being in a tight spot. Her heart skips a beat when he comes a little too close while dropping the suitcase. Hoon takes Ga-rin on her first ever bus ride. Tae-oh tells Do-hyun that he and Song-yi are almost like family but he wishes someone would date her because he can’t always look out for her.

Tae-oh is still making efforts to woo Se-hyeon. He drops honorifics with her, explaining that he wants her to see him as a man. When she refuses to let him join her film club, he offers dessert as bribe and wins her heart. Do-hyun and Song-yi bump into each other at lunch because the shifts of their part-time jobs overlap with lunch hours. The cafeteria is full, so Do-hyun takes her to the college terrace where they have lunch while enjoying a nice view. Do-hyun notices the scratches on Song-yi’s hands, they talk about their respective majors, and she tells him he’s a fun person.

Tae-oh drops Se-hyeon home on his scooter. Hoon brings Ga-rin along to be an extra at a drama shooting. Their instructions are simple—they have to behave as normally as possible, but Hoon realizes that Ga-rin’s normal is very different from everyone else’s. They end up getting kicked off the sets. Ga-rin asks Hoon how he was composed even when he was being insulted. His lecture on the worthlessness of losing one’s temper strikes a chord with her and she decides to follow him around.

Tae-oh drops Se-hyeon off and returns home to find Hoon using his weights. Hoon asks him for permission to write his number on audition applications and Tae-oh scoffs that Hoon really knows how to freeload. Song-yi becomes roommates with Ga-rin, but finds herself unable to sleep because her new roommate is a heavy snorer. She goes to the terrace and bumps into Tae-oh, and the two discuss his blind date over beer. Song-yi calls Se-hyeon a psycho for ruining someone’s blind date, but Tae-oh can’t stop singing her praises. Song-yi tells him she’ll cook something for him as a token of her gratitude for letting her stay, but Tae-oh just jokes that people might mistake them for a couple and teases her about being perpetually single again. They fight like kids, dousing each other in beer.

Song-yi gets lumped together in a group project with Se-hyeon, who is once again rude to her. Se-hyeon ditches the group when a man in a fancy car arrives to pick her up and her friends discuss Se-hyeon’s many boyfriends. At her library job, Song-yi keeps looking for Do-hyun. He finally turns up when she needs help getting a book from a high shelf. He gives her a plaster for the scratches on her hands and she can’t stop smiling.

Tae-oh goes to dinner with his family. His step-mom brings up Song-yi’s mom, complaining about the money she owes them from not paying rent. She gossips about how Song-yi’s mom borrowed money and had an affair, annoying Tae-oh, who asks her to be careful with the rumors around Song-yi. When his father only worries about his money, Tae-oh calls him a loan shark.

Song-yi diligently works on her assignment at home. She gets a call from a friend offering her a chance to go on a blind date, but she declines, saying that there’s a guy she’s interested in. She says this guy has been helping her during hard times. Tae-oh overhears her and thinks she’s talking about him.

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