My First First Love Roundup: Episode 2

Do-hyun lets Song-yi, Ga-rin and Hoon in to wait for Tae-oh. They’re all shocked when Ga-rin takes off her wig. Song-yi recognizes Do-hyun from the moving crew at her house, but avoids mentioning her circumstances to others. The group wonders where Tae-oh is and Song-yi remembers that he has a date.

Tae-oh is thrilled to discover that his blind date is the same hot senior he’d eyed in campus. In his trademark straightforward manner, he tells her that she’s pretty over and over and proceeds to ignore Song-yi’s calls.

Tae-oh picks up Do-hyun’s call who tells him that three of his friends are in his house waiting for him. Song-yi asks Do-hyun to keep her family’s bankruptcy a secret from Tae-oh. Tae-oh unwillingly bails on his date but not before he notices her high-end camera and asks if she’s into photography. She says she’s into filmmaking and Tae-oh quips that it is his hobby too and it must be fate that they met. He leaves her with promises to meet again.

Back home, Tae-oh is bewildered to find Song-yi, Ga-rin, and Hoon lining up with reasons to let them stay. Tae-oh reminds them of his no-crashing rule for friends and asks them to leave. After a call from her mom, Ga-rin destroys her phone and begs Tae-oh to let her stay. Hoon takes the chance to convince Tae-oh by narrating how his parents kicked him out. Song-yi, meanwhile, doesn’t get a chance to get a word in for herself.

Turns out Ga-rin is an heiress to a wealthy family, with her controlling mother asking her secretaries to find her. Song-yi brings a frustrated Tae-oh some beer to calm him down before making her case but he only rants about how his biggest fear is his place turning into a boarding house. He expresses relief that at least she didn’t ask him to let her stay and once again, Song-yi loses the nerve to tell him.

Giddy at how much he liked his blind date, Tae-oh texts her to set up another meeting. He’s puzzled when the girl sends back angry replies about how he stood her up. He asks his friends why’s she’s suddenly not answering and realizes that the girl he met wasn’t the one he’s supposed to meet for his blind date.

Do-hyun gets worried after hearing that Song-yi didn’t stay over at Tae-oh’s. Lugging her heavy suitcase, Song-yi goes back to her old place and tries to get the name plate of her dad off when someone walks out the door. It’s Tae-oh’s fake blind date! She’s one of the new occupants of the house and curtly asks Song-yi to move her belongings.

Song-yi makes a list of things she has and things she doesn’t, putting Tae-oh’s name in the list of things she has. She thinks back to the time she almost had a crush on him. Do-hyun finds Song-yi applying to be a part-timer in the library where he works. He tries to find out where she spent the night but she brushes him off.

While trying to find the girl from the blind date, Tae-oh discovers a film club in his college. He looks around curiously until someone walks in, and it’s her! He asks her why she pretended to be his date but she points out that he just assumed she was and she played along for fun. Tae-oh asks the girl, whose real name is RYU SE-HYUN (Hong Ji-yoon), if he can join the film club and she points out that she’s older than him.

Do-hyun is locking up the library after finishing his shift when an alarm goes off. He catches someone on the couch, who runs away when he calls. Do-hyun chases after the intruder only to realize it’s Song-yi.

Tae-oh has been trying to reach Song-yi all day and finally goes to her old place to find her. The new owner tells Tae-oh that she had been living there without running water for a while. Tae-oh is heartbroken when he realizes what Song-yi was trying to say the other night.

Do-hyun asks Song-yi to just stay with Tae-oh but she doesn’t want to burden him. Despite her protests, Do-hyun takes her to the supermarket where he works, prepares a makeshift bed for her, and they have cup ramen for dinner.

At last, Song-yi’s mom calls her back and she’s over the moon thinking that her troubles are at an end. But her mom has only called to say that she won’t be coming back because she wants to live her own life. Mom forbids Song-yi from calling again, leaving her daughter heartbroken.

Tae-oh runs around looking for Song-yi, who is walking along a bridge. She stares at a suicide prevention hotline for a long time before calling the number, narrating her heartbreak until the police find her. Do-hyun gets worried and calls the police station looking for Song-yi at the same time that Tae-oh receives a call from them. The police refuses to send Song-yi with Do-hyun until her guardian arrives. Just then, Tae-oh rushes in, announcing that he’s her guardian.


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