Mr. Queen Episode 8: Kim Jung-hyun visits Shin Hye-sun’s childhood home

As we delve deeper into King Cheoljong’s (Kim Jung-hyun) secret mission, it is also interesting to see him unlearn his biases towards Queen So-yong (Shin Hye-sun) and become closer to her. Now, it truly feels like a courtship. Meanwhile, Royal Investigation Bureau’s head and So-yong’s cousin Kim Byeong-in (Na In-woo) continues to be a thorn in the King’s path, both when it comes to his mission and his romance with So-yong.

King Cheoljong trains, while Queen So-yong gets her memories back

Cheoljong spars with his brother, Prince Yeongpyeong (Yoo Min-kyu) in their secret field training grounds. Kim Byeong-in, meanwhile, doubles up his efforts to investigate the King. After finding out that Queen is awake, Cheoljong immediately leaves for her father’s home but with an ulterior motive—to steal a ledger that will serve as evidence for corruption against several members of the Kim family.

Meanwhile, So-yong realizes that she is getting So-yong’s memories back through her sense of smell. So much so that her inner voice has changed from Jang Bong-hwan’s to the original So-yong’s. Kim Jwa-geun (Kim Tae-woo) asks Byeong-in to find out who is trying to harm the Queen, while Kim Hwan (Yoo Young-jae) realizes that he is in love with Hong Yeon (Chae Seo-eun), So-yong’s maid.

Mr. Queen Episode 8 Shin Hye-sun

Jo Hwa-jin gets even more jealous and desperate

Upon finding out that Cheoljong went to visit So-yong at her family house, Jo Hwa-jin (Seol In-ah) aka Eui Bin is suspicious and decides to follow him. Officer Hong (Lee Jae-won) trains a group of average men to be the King’s personal firing squad. Queen Dowager Jo (Jo Yeon-hee) asks for a mysterious favor from one of her men—a phoenix hairpin made of jade. Traditionally, a phoenix hairpin is only allowed to the Queen. Hwa-jin believes that So-yong lured Cheoljong to her family home to reveal Hwa-jin’s secret, while all So-yong can focus on is her desire for revenge against Director Han, who spearheaded the conspiracy against Jang Bong-hwan (Choi Jin-hyuk).

Mr. Queen Episode 8 Seol In-ah

King Cheoljong’s first time at his in-laws’

When Cheoljong appears in front of So-yong holding a bouquet of flowers, she briefly experiences the original So-yong’s feelings of love towards him. This is followed by a hilarious sequence of her coming to her senses and trying to expel So-yong’s spirit from her body, once again thoroughly mystifying Cheoljong. Kim Jwa-geun sends the man who kidnapped Hwa-jin’s maid to So-yong’s house, in search of the same ledger Cheoljong is after. Cheoljong convinces So-yong’s father Kim Moon-geun (Jeon Bae-soo) to give him a tour of the house in order to find the ledger. However, one look at a mysterious well in the courtyard causes him to collapse in panic. A flashback reveals that both the King’s childhood and Hwa-jin’s secret has something to do with the well.

Mr. Queen Episode 8 Kim Jung-hyun

A love triangle and a drinking game

Gazing at Cheoljong, So-yong revisits what she knows of his family’s tragedy through modern-day history. She pities him, while he remarks that he doesn’t want her to be his enemy. Just after this soft and moving exchange, Byeong-in crashes their date with the excuse of protecting the Queen. Kim Hwan shows up out of nowhere, and assuming he wants to harm the Queen, Cheoljong hits him with the coolest drop kick, which thoroughly impresses So-yong. The King and Byeong-in try to settle their enmity via a drinking game, where they go back and forth in confessing their feelings for So-yong, while our Queen herself is unimpressed by either man.

Mr. Queen Episode 8 Kim Jung-hyun, Shin Hye-sun, and Na In-woo

A surprise attack and…some kissing?

Queen Dowager Jo gifts the jade phoenix hairpin to Hwa-jin, adding more fuel to Hwa-jin’s burning ambition. That night, Cheoljong decides to scour So-yong’s house in search of the ledger but runs into Kim Jwa-geun’s man, which leads to a violent clash. As Hwa-jin betrays her secret to Queen Dowager Jo, So-yong tries to protect Cheoljong from his attacker. Just as all the noise brings Byeong-in and other guards to So-yong’s chamber, Cheoljong grabs and kisses her.

Mr. Queen Episode 8 Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun

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