Mr. Queen Episode 19: Kim Jung-hyun returns from the dead

Finale week is here, and the plot is heating up. The King (Kim Jung-hyun) has returned, and the main couple has a revolution to plan with many an obstacle in their path. There is also the mystery of what will happen to the exchanged souls of Jang Bong-hwan and Kim So-yong, and I can’t wait for the mystery to resolve!

Kim Byeong-in proves himself loyal

Last episode‘s events left viewers wondering if Byeong-in (Na In-woo) will finally turn on the woman he has loved for so long. Despite realizing that the So-yong (Shin Hye-sun) before him is not the real one, he is unable to harm her. He first takes on his own men, and later, Kim Jwa-geun’s (Kim Tae-woo) loyal servant, to protect So-yong until the very end. Despite his antics throughout the show, you do end up feeling sorry for Byeong-in as he goes down fighting for the only person he has loved in his life. Although, it was surprising that he barely lasted in the fight, given how quickly he took on even Cheoljong in the previous episodes.

Mr. Queen Episode 19 Na In-woo

It is time for reunions

Just when So-yong is close to giving up and letting the royal guards take her, who should appear before her but Cheoljong! They share a tearful reunion as So-yong wails that everyone has died for her. But it turns out that Cheoljong is not the only one who has made it out alive, and more happy reunions are in store for our Queen. This is followed by an immensely romantic wound-tending scene between Cheoljong and So-yong that leads to one of the best kisses in the show yet!

Mr. Queen Episode 19 Kim Jung-hyun and Shin Hye-sun

A revolution is underway

It is revealed that the herb-picker who saved Cheoljong is the leader of a group of revolutionaries who have been leading revolts around the nation. These people had earlier attacked the men chasing So-yong. Despite them rebelling against the royal family, the King decides to join their cause because their enemy is the same—the corrupt officials. Hwa-jin (Seol In-ah) helps in her own way by spreading the message that the King is alive. It is enough to make even the royal chef Man-bok (Kim In-kwon), who is lovesick in Court Lady Choi’s (Cha Chung-hwa) absence, hopeful.

Mr. Queen Episode 19 Kim In-kwon

So-yong’s plan and Sunwon’s greed

Armed with the letter of treason given by Byeong-in, So-yong and Cheoljong make a plan to breach the palace on the day the new king will get enthroned. They decide to take a route through the royal kitchens—via wagons that will deliver fresh produce. Meanwhile, Kim Jwa-geun gives the news of the King and Queen being alive to Grand Queen Dowager Sunwon (Bae Jong-ok). Kim Jwa-geun vows to stake his life on this fight, while Sunwon reveals just how obsessed she is with retaining her political power.

Mr. Queen Episode 19 Bae Jong-ok

Calm before the storm

In their secret camp, our group of revolutionaries crowd around a bonfire, sharing scorched potatoes. It is a scene of such calm that it’s difficult to believe that these people are about to stake their lives for a cause. When So-yong and Cheoljong share their vision of making Joseon vote, everyone calls them crazy. Once alone, So-yong tells Cheoljong that she is ready to bet everything on him, while Cheoljong promises to do his best. On enthronement day, it is revealed that the new King is a mere child being manipulated by Kim Jwa-geun.

Mr. Queen Episode 19 Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun

Meanwhile, the King and Queen set off for the palace. Despite the tense atmosphere, the show gives us what is probably going to be the last funny moment of the show as Cheoljong and So-yong get up to their usual antics while trapped in a wagon together. However, as soon as they enter the palace, the wagon is stopped by none other than Kim Jwa-geun! Oh, my god!

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