‘Mr. Queen’ drops group poster featuring Shin Hye-sun, Kim Jung-hyun, more

tvN’s upcoming fusion historical drama Mr. Queen, also known as No Touch Princess, has revealed an intense group poster featuring its main cast.

The comedy-fantasy sageuk (historical drama) stars Shin Hye-sun (Angel’s Last Mission: Love) as Queen Kim So-yong of Joseon era. The queen’s soul, however, has been swapped with that of a free-spirited male chef from the modern age. The series follows the confused soul inside the queen’s body struggling to come to terms with having a woman’s body, as well as the politics inside the palace.

The drama also stars Kim Jung-hyun (Crash Landing on You) as King Cheoljong, the two-faced King of Joseon and the husband of Queen Kim So-yong who hides a few secrets of his own. Bae Jong-ok (Graceful Family) plays Queen Sunwon, the cunning queen of the late king, who holds all decision-making powers in the palace and has reduced King Cheoljong into a mere figurehead. Finally, Kim Tae-woo (The Tale of Nokdu) plays Kim Jwa-geun, Queen Sunwon’s over-ambitious, power-hungry younger brother.

Shin Hye-sun, Kim Jung-hyun, Bae Jong-ok, and Kim Tae-woo in Mr. Queen

In the group poster released on November 17, all four members of the main cast are seen in the backdrop of a palace, dressed in traditional clothes, exuding intense auras. Shin Hye-sun occupies the central position in the poster. Despite being dressed in the garb of a queen, Shin’s posture is masculine as she sits with her legs wide apart, grinning playfully. At the front of the poster is Kim Jung-hyun, looking pensive as the secretive King Cheoljong, while Bae Jong-ok stands to the right, looking every bit the arrogant queen her character is supposed to be. At the back, Kim Tae-woo can be seen looking at these three figures who hold power, signaling his desire for the same.

Mr. Queen is directed by Yoon Sung-shik, who is best known for helming the shows Babel (2019), Hwarang (2016–2017), and The King’s Face (2014–2015). It will premiere on tvN on December 12.

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