Most Recommended Ongoing and Recently Ended Korean Dramas

When something ends, another begins; Korean dramas are no exception. With over a hundred projects in production every year, it seems as if an endless supply of Korean entertainment awaits us every single day. If you are on the lookout for new drama series to binge-watch at home this quarantine season, the following are the most recommended K-dramas that have just recently ended (we get it, we hate waiting, too!) and one ongoing series for you to check out as well.

The World of the Married (JTBC)


Ending the series with a peak rating of 28.4% for its final episode, The World of the Married (also known as Couple’s World) has become the highest rated K-drama in the history of Korean cable TV, dethroning award-winning SKY Castle and Crash Landing on You. When Dr. Ji Sun-woo’s (Kim Hee-ae) perfect life is turned upside down by her husband’s affair, her friends’ betrayal, and even her co-workers’ plots against her, she succumbs into a web of scheme and vengeance to get back at the people who hurt her and threaten her family. But while she was successful in her vengeance plot, an unexpected conflict escalates even more after her now ex-husband comes back and vows to ruin her. Starring Kim Hee-ae (Second to Last Love), Park Hae-joon (Arthdal Chronicles), and Han So-hee (Abyss), the three brought to life adulterous characters in pursuit of love, redemption, and revenge. The show also topped the buzz ratings for its premiere week in March and for the whole month of April after that. While fans are expecting a different kind of finale, others lauded the show for its realistic take on the ending, saying it captured what really happens in the real-life setting of a broken family.

Find Me in Your Memory (MBC)


If you’re more into slow romance and mystery, then you might want to add this show to your to-watch list. Find Me in Your Memory is a heartwarming narrative that centers on the love story between a news anchor, who is able to remember every detail in his life because of a neurological condition, and a rising actress, who seems to have forgotten her past. Portraying these characters are Kim Dong-wook (Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo) and Moon Ga-young (Welcome to Waikiki 2), who were praised by viewers for their strong on-screen presence and undeniable chemistry, despite their age gap. Both were also able to deliver a satisfying performance, along with the other supporting characters, even with the series’ slow-paced story line. They were able to maintain a stable narrative of emotions throughout the whole show that did not overwhelm the audience.

Hospital Playlist (tvN)


Starring Jo Jung-suk (Nokdu Flower), Yoo Yeon-seok (Mr. Sunshine), Jung Kyung-ho (Crash Landing on You), Kim Dae-myung (The Sound of Your Heart), and Jeon Mi-do (Mother), Hospital Playlist is the second installment of the Wise Life drama series that follows the daily lives of five medical doctors and their friendship as they form a musical band. This feel-good series has no complicated plot or major conflicts, and there’s at least one character that the viewers can relate to. If you’re a fan of Reply 1988 and Prison Playbook, this show exudes the same light-hearted and comedic vibe (both the show’s writer and director have worked together previously on the aforementioned hit series). Not to mention, the characters play catchy songs. Because of its success and the approval from fans and international audience, talks of another season is already in the air, even when the show just ended a few weeks ago. But the production has yet to announce if they’re pushing through with another season.

Extracurricular (Netflix)


Playing his first-ever lead role in a drama series, rising young actor Kim Dong-hee (Itaewon Class) gears up as a straight-A high school student who leads a double life. Joining him in Extracurricular are fellow rookie actors Park Joo-hyun (A Piece of Your Mind), Jung Da-bin (Should We Kiss First), and Nam Yoon-soo (The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen). In order to support himself and his dream of an extravagant life, Dong-hee’s character operates a security service for illegal activities. But this secret is discovered by a schoolmate (Park Joo-hyun), another achiever who feels suffocated by her parents’ pressure. As an act of rebellion, she voluntarily entangles herself in the illegal operations by blackmailing Dong-hee’s character. Tension arises even more when two school bullies (Jung Da-bin and Nam Yoon-soo) get mixed up in the web of crimes and lies, forcing all four of them down the path of no return. Praised for its narrative of juveniles and youth crimes, the show’s concept has sparked many discussions online on the realities that some of our youth face nowadays. Aside from the impressive story line, the actors themselves were lauded for their performance.

Oh My Baby (tvN)


The ever-timeless Jang Na-ra returns to the small screen after her role in the infidelity-themed VIP. But now, she’s back as a single, career-oriented woman in Oh My Baby. Giving up on love, she focuses her priorities on working as a manager for a parenting magazine called The Baby. But as she nears her 40s, she realizes she yearns to have a child. On her way to parenthood, she gets entangled with three eccentric men: her colleague, played by Jung Gun-joo (Extraordinary You); a photographer, played by Go Jun (The Fiery Priest); and a pediatrician, played by Park Byung-eun (Kingdom 2). Even with only two episodes in, the viewers are already loving the progression of the story as well as the Na-ra’s character. Along with its comedic feature and romantic side plots, the show is a feel-good family drama that is perfect for all ages to watch and enjoy.


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