‘More Than Friends’ poster teases love triangle between Ong Seong-wu, Shin Ye-eun, Kim Dong-jun

JTBC’s upcoming series More Than Friends has dropped a new promotional poster, featuring stars Ong Seong-wu, Shin Ye-eun, and Kim Dong-jun.

More Than Friends centers on the complicated circumstances that ensue when two close friends, who have been harboring feelings for each other for 10 years, remain hesitant to confess their true emotions.


The newly released poster introduces main characters Lee Soo (Ong Seong-wu, At Eighteen), Kyung Woo-yeon (Shin Ye-eun, Welcome), and Ohn Joon-soo (Kim Dong-jun, Chief of Staff 2), who are standing under the rain. Wearing an expression of longing is Woo-yeon, a calligrapher who has finally decided to let go of the unrequited love she has been keeping since she was 18. Joon-soo, a publishing company representative, is right beside her, holding an umbrella over her head. Unmindful that he is barely sheltered from the rain, he stands close to Woo-yeon, keeping her dry. However, Woo-yeon is oblivious to his gesture. Her only focus is the object of her decade-long affections, the seemingly unaware Lee Soo, a photographer who has actually come to accept his feelings and is beginning to see Woo-yeon as more than just a longtime friend.

With the core concept of the number of cases there are of friends turning into lovers and the poster’s message “Fall into the hands of someone, as if by fate,” the upcoming drama will explore the narrative of each character as they pursue the path of love with a sincere and honest heart.

The romantic tale of More Than Friends is spearheaded by director Choi Sung-bum and writer Jo Seung-hee. It is slated to replace Graceful Friends in its Friday-Saturday, 10:50 p.m. KST airing slot beginning September 25.

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