Moon Chae-won shows off charm as a mother and a detective in new ‘Flower of Evil’ stills

Actress Moon Chae-won demonstrates her charm as a mother, a wife, and a serious detective in the new stills from Flower of Evil.

The new tvN thriller series centers on the marriage of Cha Ji-won, played by Moon Chae-won (Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter), and her husband, the loving Baek Hee-sung, played by Lee Joon-gi (Lawless Lawyer). But behind Hee-sung’s gentle smile are the eyes of a man with a dark secret. What makes it more complicated is that he is being chased down by none other than his wife, who is a detective. Ji-won will have to face the possible truth that the criminal she has been chasing may be the father of her child.


The still images reveal Cha Ji-won as a serious, skilled detective with a keen sense of justice. But whenever she’s with her husband Baek Hee-sung and daughter Baek Eun-ha, played by the adorable Jung Seo-yeon (Golden Garden), she softens up and gives off a playful aura. Moon’s delicate acting performance, which expresses her tone, eyes, actions, and mood differently, becomes more emphasized.


Ji-won, who always faces death, sadness, and sometimes, the ugly side of human beings through various crimes because of her job, still looks at the world beautifully, thanks to the existence of a happy family waiting for her at home. However, as she doubts the true identity and past of her beloved husband Hee-sung, changes and different emotions begin to develop, and a new chapter of their marriage unfolds.

Moon Chae-won is going to lead the life of Ji-won, whose heart will lie between the lies and the truth. Her character poses a question to all the viewers, “What if your husband, whom you have been in love with for 14 years, is suspected of being a serial killer?”

The production staff of the series also said, “Moon Chae-won is an actress with a strong attitude and presence who can overwhelm her surroundings.”

This is not the first time that Lee Joon-gi and Moon Chae-won have worked together. They both starred in the 2017 crime series Criminal Minds, which also aired on tvN.

Flower of Evil is scheduled to air starting July 29 at 10:50 p.m., taking over the Wednesday and Thursday time slot of Oh My Baby.

The series is directed by Kim Cheol-kyu, who is known for his past projects such as Chicago Typewriter (2017), Mother (2018), and Confession (2019). It is written by Yoo Jeong-hee, who also penned Naked Fireman back in 2017.

Meanwhile, you can check out one of the series’ teasers here and Lee Joon-gi’s first stills here.

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