Moon Chae-won, Kwon Sang-woo to lead romantic-comedy film

An exciting new romantic-comedy film is in the works! 

Moon Chae-won and Kwon Sang-woo have reportedly accepted lead roles in the Korean remake of the Argentinian film No Kids (2015). Originally titled Sin Hijos in Spanish, No Kids tells the story of a single divorced father who reunites with a woman he loved in the past, who happens to dislike kids. 

The Korean remake of the film is called We Grow Up and will be directed by Choi Won-sub, who directed Kwon Sang-woo in the film Hitman: Agent Jun (2020), which drew in 2.4 million viewers. Initially, the title of the Korean remake was supposed to be same as the original, but it was later changed to focus more on the romantic-comedy vibe. It will be produced by Movie Rock, a company known for productions like Midnight Runners (2017), Be With You (2018), and Innocent Witness (2019). 

Kwon Sang-woo will be seen playing a devoted single father who used to be in a band. The actor is on a roll with two other film projects lined up: The Pirates 2 and Christmas Gift. Primarily an action film star, Kwon is best known for The Accidental Detective (2015) series of films and The Divine Move: The Wrathful (2019). The actor is now looking to expand his range to romance. 

Moon Chae-won is set to play Kwon Sang-woo’s lover from college whom he meets after 10 years. Due to her dislike of kids, he hides the fact that he has a daughter. The actress is returning to the big screen three years since her last appearance in Feng Shui (2018). Her last acting project was the tvN drama Flower of Evil (2020). 

We Grow Up is scheduled to begin filming in July. 

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