‘Monthly House’ unveils character posters of Jung So-min, Kim Ji-seok, Jung Gun-joo

JTBC’s upcoming drama Monthly House has released the character posters of stars Jung So-min, Kim Ji-seok, and Jung Gun-joo.

Monthly House is a home-searching romance about an editor who cannot afford to buy her own house and her CEO who has every means to buy any house but cannot call it a home. In the released posters, each character is featured in the pages of the Monthly House magazine along with their description of a house.

Na Young-won, played by Jung So-min (Soul Mechanic), says in her poster, “I don’t have a house, but I like my house.” For her, a home is a place where she can be herself. Thus, it is her haven.

Jung So-min character poster in Monthly House

However, for Yu Ja-seong, played by Kim Ji-seok (My Unfamiliar Family), a house is just a means for asset growth, so he says, “I love the house. Because a house means money.”

Kim Ji-seok character poster in Monthly House

Meanwhile, Shin Gyeom, portrayed by Jung Gun-joo (Oh My Baby), believes that people only live once, so he considers where he is staying at right now as his home. His poster reads, “I have money, but I won’t buy a house.”

Jung Gun-joo character poster in Monthly House

Monthly House, also known as Monthly Magazine Home, will premiere on June 16 at 9 p.m. KST. Check out the drama’s teaser here.

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