‘Monthly House’ announces broadcast month with adorable pic of Jung So-min, Kim Ji-seok

JTBC’s upcoming romance drama Monthly House has dropped a cute snap of lead stars Jung So-min and Kim Ji-seok to celebrate its broadcast month announcement.

The team behind the series said on March 24, “Monthly House will be aired in June, following the conclusion of Law School, which will premiere on April 14.”

Monthly House is a romance drama about a woman who is in search of a house that she can finally call her own and a man whose expertise is buying houses. Jung So-min (Soul Mechanic) plays Na Young-won, editor of the lifestyle magazine “Monthly House,” while Kim Ji-seok (My Unfamiliar Family) portrays Yu Ja-seong, an expert investor in real estate and the CEO of the aforementioned magazine.

Jung So-min and Kim Ji-seok in Monthly House

In the freshly released behind-the-scenes photo, the fun and warm chemistry between co-actors Jung and Kim is undeniable. They playfully pose for the camera while holding up their fingers in a peace sign. Their characters, Young-won and Ja-seong, are said to depict a realistic relationship between two people who have different views about living spaces.

Also in the cast are Jung Gun-joo (Oh My Baby), Kim Won-hae (Hush), Chae Jung-an (Legal High), Ahn Chang-hwan (L.U.C.A.: The Beginning), Yoon Ji-on (Memorist), and Lee Hwa-kyum (Selection: The War Between Women), among many other talented actors.

The production team behind Monthly House shared, “With a strong and relatable story line, we plan to convey pleasant empathy and warm comfort [to the viewers] by asking the question, ‘What does a house mean to you?’ We ask for your continued support and attention until the first broadcast.”

Monthly House is helmed by director Lee Chang-min of Welcome to Waikiki 2 (2019) and penned by screenwriter Myeong Soo-hyeon of A Poem a Day (2018).

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