‘Missing: The Other Side’ unveils eerie message teaser

The upcoming OCN thriller series Missing: The Other Side has recently dropped its message teaser.

The drama will feature stars Go Soo (Money Game), Heo Joon-ho (Kingdom 2), Ahn Soo-hee (Welcome to Waikiki 2), Seo Eun-soo (Legal High), and Ha Joon (Black Dog).

Missing: The Other Side centers on Duon Village, a strange compound that holds the spirits of missing, deceased people. When a search for the missing people begins, a group of people who find themselves involved in the case discover the truth behind their deaths and face mysterious occurrences.

The 15-second message teaser opens on a dark night, with its focus on a pedestrian lane on a wide road. A person appears in the frame, and within seconds, their body turns into a blurry silhouette before completely disappearing. Subsequently, the clip cuts to a rainy night as more people start walking on the road. As the scene continues, a caption that says, “80,000 per year, 220 per day. Where did these many missing people go?,” appears. While the text remains, the road suddenly becomes completely empty. The short video then closes with a stark black background as the message “In search of the dead” flashes, followed by the drama title.

The gloomy and peculiar atmosphere of the promo is slowly building up the mystery of the drama and tickling the viewers’ curiosity on what could be in store in the new series.

Missing: The Other Side is set to air as a weekend drama starting August. PD Min Yeon-hong and screenwriters Ban Ki-ri and Jung So-young will spearhead its production.

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