‘Missing: The Other Side’ drops sneak peek on mysterious village, missing people in new posters

To tease viewers for its premiere next month, Missing: The Other Side has dropped two new promotional posters last July 16.

OCN’s new original thriller series centers on a mysterious village inhabited by the spirits of missing, deceased people. A fraud (Go Soo, Money Game), a hacker (Ahn So-hee, Welcome to Waikiki 2), a detective (Ha Joon, Black Dog), and a mysterious man (Heo Joon-ho, Kingdom 2) team up to find the missing people and attempt to uncover the truth behind the strange village.


The first teaser poster features the entrance to the said village that is hidden in the fog. Withered trees line both sides of the path, adding a more mysterious and chilling effect. The poster is further divided into two color tones; the left side is a cold hue while the right side is warm.


On the other hand, the second teaser poster draws the whole attention of the viewers to the numerous posters on a wall, showing the missing persons whose souls may be in the village. From the young boy who disappeared from the playground in front of their house to an elderly man and a young female student, the longing of their families who continuously seek them are reflected on the pieces of paper. 

At the center is the “missing” poster of Choi Yeo-na, played by Seo Eun-soo (Legal High). Yeo-na is the fiancé of elite detective Shin Joon-ho (Ha Joon). When she disappears all of a sudden a month before their wedding, Joon-ho joins the missing persons squad in order to find her.

Because of the interesting backstory, it amplifies the curiosity of the viewers on how the missing people are linked to the conman Kim Wook (Go Soo) and the mysterious Jang Pan-seok (Heo Joon-ho).

“The teaser posters for Missing: The Other Side show the mysterious relationship between the village and the missing people. The stories of the missing individuals who entered the village of the souls and the pursuit of the people who [are trying to find] them are increasing the anticipation of the viewers,” said the production staff.

Missing: The Other Side will premiere sometime in August. It is directed by Min Yeon-hong (Touch) and penned by Ban Ki-ri (A Witch’s Love) and Jung So-young.

For the meantime, check out the teaser video here and the other cast members of the drama here.

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