MBC’s ‘The Banker’ drops first video teaser featuring Kim Sang-joong

On March 6, MBC’s upcoming drama The Banker revealed its first video teaser in which Kim Sang-joong, the show’s leading man, transforms into a serious auditor with a bit of aegyo on the side.

The show is set in the corrupt finance industry. Noh Dae-ho, played by Kim (Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People), is an honest and hard-working branch manager of Daehan Bank in a small town. He mysteriously gets promoted to the bank’s Seoul headquarters as Auditor and is tasked with rooting out corruption within the bank.

The teaser opens in a dark room with a spotlight illuminating an empty spot on the floor. The voiceovers of news clippings in the background report corruption cases. The floor is covered with currency notes, and where the spotlight shines, a lone coin spins. It is picked up by Kim Sang-joong, who has a tough and disheveled appearance. He is then shown walking, tightening his tie, and putting on eyeglasses. The background music announcing his entrance is the kind that marks the grand entrance of an influential figure. As he reaches Daehan Bank, men who look like goons step out of the building, as if to prevent his entrance. In a deep and determined voice, Kim then starts to say, “Starting today, auditor Noh Dae-ho will catch these lawbreakers,” but his tone transforms to a cutesy one by the end of this sentence. He is joined by the audit office trio composed of Ahn Woo-yeon (Let’s Eat 3), Shin Do-hyun (Let’s Dance) and Cha In-ha (Clean With Passion For Now), who display easy chemistry as they say, “We’ll see you on the 27th, thank you!”

Chae Shi-ra (Goodbye To Goodbye) and Yoo Dong-geun (Marry Me Now?) complete the main supporting cast of the drama, which is based on a Japanese manga series called Auditor Nozaki Shuhei. It is directed by Lee Jae-jin of the My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol (2015) fame.

The Banker will premiere on March 27, following Lee Yu-ri starrer Spring Turns To Spring.

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