Manhole: Feel So Good’s rating stays low at 2 percent

With MBC’s popular drama Man Who Dies To Live ending this week, KBS’s Manhole: Feel So Good continues to perform poorly in terms of ratings. Data from Nielsen Korea show that the latest episode of the time-slip romantic comedy posted 2.0 % in viewer ratings, a number that pales in comparison with Man Who Dies To Live‘s 12.8 % and Reunited World‘s 6.7 %.

Manhole: Feel So Good tells the story of Bong Pil (played by Kim Jae-joong), an unemployed young man who travels back and forth in time through a manhole in an effort to change the future and prevent the impending wedding of his long-time crush (played by Uee) from happening. The drama premiered on August 9 and recorded a humble 3.1 % in nationwide audience share and since then has been losing more viewers to its rival shows. The rating of its 5th episode that was broadcast last night is the same as the previous episode’s 2.0 %, the lowest free-to-air series episode rating since 2016. This number is 0.6 percentage point smaller than the lowest episode rating last year among dramas from KBS, MBC, and SBS—Moorim School‘s and Come Back Ahjussi‘s 2.6 %.

Meanwhile, Man Who Dies To Live continues to rule the competition among Wednesday-Thursday dramas. It recorded 12.8 % in its latest episode last night and is expected to broadcast a successful finale later today. If the series manages to attract more viewers during its last episode, Manhole: Feel So Good‘s rating could suffer even more and go down below 2 %.

Manhole: Feel So Good is not the only ongoing KBS drama that is suffering from low viewership ratings. School 2017, the network’s youth drama on Mondays and Tuesdays, is also less popular among the Korean audience than its rivals as far as television ratings are concerned. The latest school series from the network is hovering around the 4.5 % mark while Falsify, its competitor over at SBS, remains unrivaled with its double-digit ratings. In contrast, Strongest Deliveryman which airs on KBS’s Friday-Saturday slot is doing better so far as it nearly doubled its premiere rating of 3.5 % to 6.3 % in its sixth episode.


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