Manhole Feel So Good’s rating drops further to 2.0 %

KBS’s ongoing time-slip romantic comedy on Wednesdays and Thursdays is seriously suffering from poor viewership ratings. Manhole: Feel So Good recorded 2.2 % in nationwide viewership ratings on Wednesday, setting the lowest ever episode rating for a free-to-air Korean drama since January 2017. The drama broke that record on Thursday night as its latest episode’s rating dropped to 2.0 %.

Data from Nielsen Korea show that Manhole Feel So Good‘s rating has been decreasing since its premiere last week which saw 3.1 % and 2.8 % for the first and second episode, respectively. On average, the rating drops by 0.4 percentage point every after episode. If this trend continues, the drama will lose more viewers next week and the rating will fall below 2.0 %.

Manhole Feel So Good's Rating 1-4

In contrast, Manhole’s rival over at MBC, Man Who Dies To Live, still dominates the competition on the said time slot and has broken its own record again last night. The family drama obtained an all-time high rating of 13.5 %, which surpasses its previous highest record by 0.6 percentage point. SBS’s Reunited Worlds also recorded an increase, posting 7.5 % in its latest episode which is higher than Wednesday’s second episode rating of 6.8 %. The changes in ratings suggest that the viewers who dropped Manhole: Feel So Good switched their channels from KBS to MBC or SBS to watch Man Who Dies To Live or Reunited Worlds.

In 2016, the lowest rating for a free-to-air prime time Korean drama, which stands at  2.6 %, was recorded by KBS’s Moorim School and SBS’s Come Back Ahjussi.

Manhole: Feel So Good is a fantasy romantic comedy about a man, played by Kim Jae-joong (Spy), who travels back in time through a manhole in order to change the future and stop the wedding of his longtime crush, played by Uee (Night Light). B1A4’s Baro (Angry Mom) and Jung Hye-seong (Defendant) also star in the drama as the second leads. The series is penned by TEN 2 screenwriter Lee Jae-gon and directed by Love and Secret PD Park Man-young.

Note: All viewership rating values used in this article are based on publicly available data from Nielsen Korea.


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