“Manhole: Feel So Good” cast dance in downtown Seoul in first teaser

KBS released the first teaser of its upcoming fantasy comedy drama, Manhole: Feel So Good. The teaser has nothing to do with the actual story of the series and instead features the four main cast dancing to “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” in downtown Seoul.

In the teaser, lead actors Kim Jae-joong, Uee, Jung Hye-seong, and Baro are dancing with a straight face to the popular music that has gone viral since its release on Youtube as a music video.

Manhole: Feel So Good is a fantasy comedy that centers on an unemployed young man named Bong Pil, played by JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong (Spy). He travels back in time through a manhole in an attempt to stop the marriage of his crush that is scheduled to happen one week from the present. Uee (Night Light) plays Kang Soo-jin, his childhood crush who does not acknowledge his love for her. Meanwhile, B1A4’s Baro (The Master of Revenge) and Jung Hye-seong (Chief Kim) take on the role of Bong Pil’s and Kang Soo-jin’s best friend, respectively.

Manhole: Feel So Good is written by TEN 2 screenwriter Lee Jae-gon and directed by Love and Secret PD Park Man-young. It will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting August 9, following the currently airing historical romance drama Seven Day Queen.


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