“Man Who Dies To Live” tops content power index ranking

Amid the recent controversies being faced by Man Who Dies To Live for its inappropriate depiction of Islamic culture in some of its scenes, the MBC drama managed to top the latest Content Power Index (CPI) ranking released by CJ E&M. It obtained a score of 247.7 points for the third week of this month, from July 17 to 23.

Man Who Dies To Live is a 12-episode family drama starring Choi Min-soo, Kang Ye-won, Shin Sung-rok, and Lee So-yeon. It is about a man who leaves Korea to work in another country and becomes successful in a fictional Kingdom in the Middle East. He has been living in the foreign country for several decades but decides to returns to his homeland to find and reconcile with his estranged daughter. The drama recently sparked an uproar among international Korean drama fans who have accused it of depicting the incorrect image of Muslims and values of Islam. Some viewers even called for everyone to boycott the drama. MBC then apologized on July 23, saying, “Our intent was not to maliciously distort or comically depict Islamic or Arabic culture. We apologize for causing concern with our inappropriate depiction.”

Despite this, Man Who Dies To Live was able to rank first in the said ranking. CPI is a consumer-based content influence measurement model developed by CJ E&M and Nielsen Korea. Simply put, it reflects consumers’ attention, interest, and support for a particular television program. Man Who Dies To Live managed to top such a ranking amid the criticisms it received since it premiered on July 19. The popularity of the drama is also reflected by its viewership ratings which are dominating the competition among prime time dramas airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Following Man Who Dies To Live in the ranking is its rival drama from SBS, Reunited Worlds, which stars Yeo Jin-goo, Lee Yeon-hee, and Ahn Jae-hyun. MBC’s Infinite Challenge and SBS’s Law of the Jungle occupies the third and fourth places, respectively, while KBS’s youth drama School 2017 comes in fifth.

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