Main poster, third trailer released for upcoming JTBC drama “Woman of Dignity”

Cable TV network JTBC released the main poster and third trailer for its upcoming Korean drama Woman of Dignity. On the official poster, Kim Hee-seon (Angry Mom) and Kim Sun-ah (Masked Prosecutor) are seated next to each other on a luxurious couch. The two characters are wearing similar long, black dresses symbolizing the rivalry, jealousy, and bitterness that surround their story.

Woman of Dignity Poster 3

Kim Hee-seon plays the role of Woo Ah-jin, a woman who lives a life of luxury through the wealth she gets from her father-in-law. Her life comes to a halt when her father-in-law’s conglomerate falls apart and he loses his wealth. Her husband also cheats on her, making matters worse. Meanwhile, Kim Sun-ah plays as Park Bok-ja, a mysterious woman who enters the Woo family’s household as a helper. She holds an ambition to belong to the upper class and hides within her a heartbreaking story. Her presence in the household creates rivalry and amplifies the drama’s turn of events as the two exchange circumstances.

The drama will emphasize their opposite lives and how both would cope up with what life presents them next. It will also point out several societal issues especially the divide between classes. The Korean drama is reported to be under the human satirical comedy genre. The trailer, however, shows a darker tone to the story relying on symbolism and strong contrast between the two main characters.

The two actresses are joined by Jung Sang-hoon (Jealousy Incarnate), Lee Ki-woo (Memory), Lee Tae-im (My Heart Twinkle Twinkle), and Lee Hee-jin (Memory). Comedian Jung Sang-hoon plays as Woo Ah-jin’s cheating husband while Lee Tae-im plays as an art teacher with whom Jung Sang-hoon has an affair. The pre-produced drama is directed by Kim Yoon-chul (Madam Antoine) and written by Baek Mi-kyung (Beloved Eun-dong).

Woman of Dignity will premiere on June 16, 2017. It will take over Man to Man’s Friday – Saturday slot at 23:00 KST.

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