Main cast cross street in “Manhole: Feel So Good” poster

KBS released today the first promotional poster for its upcoming drama titled Manhole: Feel So Good. The poster features Kim Jae-joong, Uee, Jung Hye-seong, and Baro walking along the pedestrian crossing, the background of which is a blue circle symbolizing the manhole instrumental to the drama’s premise. Inside the blue circle is the scenery of a city that seems to depict the time-slip element of the series.

The concept of the Manhole Feel So Good poster is reminiscent of the 1969 “Abbey Road” album of the English rock band The Beatles. The cover of the album also features the four members of the band, in side view, crossing the street in a single file.

Manhole Feel So Good Poster

The upcoming time-slip drama tells the story of Bong Pil, played by Kim Jae-joong (Spy), a young man who discovers a portal to the past after falling accidentally into a manhole. He then uses this opportunity to travel back in time, using the manholes located in his neighborhood, to stop the wedding of his longtime crush, played by Uee (Night Light). Meanwhile, B1A4’s Baro (The Master of Revenge) and Jung Hye-seong (Chief Kim) are playing the leads’ best friends.

Kim Jae-joong is returning for the first time on the small screen in two years. His previous two dramas are Spy and Triangle which aired in 2015 and 2014, respectively. In contrast, Uee has been starring in drama projects since 2015, including Marriage Contract and Night Light. The second leads have also been busy with drama projects in recent years, particularly Jung Hye-seong who took a major supporting role in the hit KBS drama Chief Kim.

Manhole: Feel So Good will premiere on August 9, taking over Seven Day Queen on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It marks the first KBS drama of screenwriter Lee Jae-gon who worked previously in OCN’s Special Affairs Team TEN and TEN 2. On one hand, it is directed by PD Park Man-young who has never written a drama that aired on other networks; all the dramas the director worked on since 2004 were broadcast on KBS.

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