‘Mad Dog,’ ‘Avengers Social Club’ record new highest rating

KBS2’s crime drama Mad Dog pulled in its highest rating to date during last night’s episode, achieving a nationwide audience share of 7.1 % and surpassing the previous highest record by 0.2 percentage point based on data from Nielsen Korea. Avengers Social Club over at cable channel tvN also made a similar achievement by obtaining 6.021 % Wednesday night and breaking its previous record of 5.283 %.

Mad Dog, which stars Yoo Ji-tae, Woo Do-hwan, and Ryu Hwa-young, centers around a team of insurance fraud investigators who go after big con-artists. Its latest achievement seems an effect of the absence of a rival drama on MBC. Hospital Ship already ended last week, so the 10-11 pm drama block of the network was filled with another show pending the premiere of I’m Not A Robot this month or in early December. MBC has yet to announce the official air date of the upcoming series starring Yoo Seung-ho and Chae Soo-bin.

Mad Dog Ratings November 8

Meanwhile, Avengers Social Club also managed to set another record thanks to some of the viewers who turned to tvN probably after the ending of Hospital Ship. The series is about three ahjummas, played by Lee Yo-won, Ra Mi-ran, and Myung Se-bin, who form a team to take vengeance on individuals who have wronged them. The drama’s latest episode improved by 1.1 percentage points compared to the previous episode. It has consistently enjoyed a high viewership rating in the last three weeks and has become the first tvN drama this year to surpass the 5 %-mark in just three episodes.

Avengers Social Club Ratings November 8

On the other hand, SBS‘s While You Were Sleeping did not record a significant improvement in viewership even though Hospital Ship already ended. It posted 6.8 % and 8.6 % last night, which are almost equal to the 7.3 % and 8.6 % it recorded on November 2. Both While You Were Sleeping and Hospital Ship had been neck and neck in the competition during the said time slot.


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