Lovestruck in the City Episode 8: Ji Chang-wook catches the camera thief

From the first episode up to the seventh, it has been made known that Park Jae-won (Ji Chang-wook) and Lee Eun-oh aka Yoon Seon-a (Kim Ji-won) have never ever had a proper talk about their sudden breakup. As a result, Jae-won has gone through several episodes of liquor intoxication and drunk-complaining at a local police box to report Seon-a, the thief who stole his cameras and his heart. Due to the fact that he doesn’t have any photo of her to prove that their summer romance once existed, his friends are now convinced that he has alcohol addiction, which makes him hallucinate and behave like a crazy person.

Well, the subtitle for Episode 8 says, “Love Is Supposed to Be Crazy,” but then, there are different kinds of crazy. There’s crazy as in crazily happy, and then there’s Jae-won.

That annoying cousin we all love

Lovestruck in the City Episode 8 Kim Min-seok and Ji Chang-wook

The cliffhanger in the previous episode left us all pumped up for the big moment where Jae-won finally gets a hold of evidence, a dashcam footage, to show everyone that Seon-a is real. Who knew dashcams also offer a “spot-this-person” function that can get someone out of a tight spot?! Unfortunately, this special feature does not work on Jae-won. Why? Because he has a cousin like Choi Kyung-joon (Kim Min-seok), who goes through his things and gets just whatever he wants without asking for permission. This time, it was the memory card in Jae-won’s dashcam that he coincidentally took two days ago. And yes, friends, you guessed it right, a harmless mouse-and-mouse squabble between the cousins ensues after everything has been laid out in the open.

Just a thought, though, didn’t Jae-won already secure a photo of him and Seon-a from the shop where she had the camera films developed? Did we miss anything or what?

“Why are you trying to find Seon-a?”

Lovestruck in the City Episode 8 Kim Ji-won

During this part, the interviewer asks about the reason behind Jae-won’s unending search for Seon-a. Eun-oh herself wants to know, too. He answers, “Anyone would do the same after going through that kind of breakup.” Eun-oh cuts in and demands, “Tell him to stop,” but Jae-won continues, “She vanished without a word during our happiest moment. This is just unacceptable. We didn’t fight, and I didn’t do anything wrong.” He then reveals the real reason by exclaiming, “There was no closure. Closure!” We’d assume Jae-won’s had enough of the games at this point, right? But no. In his video letter to Seon-a, instead of telling her that he’s giving up, he says, “Hey, Yoon Seon-a. You are driving me crazy. I see visions of you now. How are you doing?” Even after all that, Eun-oh still wants him to forget her and move on because, in her exact words, “Jae-won’s the boring type. I got sick of him.” Our poor Jae-won ends up asking, “How could she break up with someone like me? Aren’t I quite a catch? I’m pretty sure I am.” Yes, you certainly are, oppa. There, there.

When reality becomes a dream

Lovestruck in the City Episode 8 Kim Ji-won 2

It turns out, Jae-won had once met Seon-a (Eun-oh) at a restaurant in Seoul but had become too wasted to distinguish what’s real from what’s not. While he was on the verge of passing out after emptying four bottles of soju, a crying Seon-a sits across him and watches him sleep. Probably able to sense her presence, Jae-won snaps back to consciousness but thinks that he was just having another dream. At long last, the anticipated exchange of raw emotions then follows. Jae-won goes on to reveal that he had gone back to their meeting place for the 20th time just in case the reason she did not show up when she said she would is that she forgot which specific Saturday it was. If you think that’s the most heart-wrenching confession Jae-won has made so far, you’re mistaken, because when Eun-oh asks him, “Can’t you just forget me?” He replies, with tears falling down his face, “How could I forget you? We got married.”

Lovestruck in the City Episode 8 Ji Chang-wook

It’s safe to say that Ji and Kim’s acting synergy here is at a whole new level. This scene will give you an excuse to let out a good cry. So if you don’t want anyone to find you in a terrible mess of snot and tears, be sure to watch this alone. *wink*

The thief has been caught!

Lovestruck in the City Episode 8 Kim Ji-won, Ji Chang-wook, and Choi Min-ho

Just as when Jae-won is about to leave the past behind by throwing his wedding ring into the water, he catches a glimpse of Eun-oh, who was mindlessly walking at a distance. Aware that he has seen her, Eun-oh runs away from Jae-won, but the guy was just desperate enough to charge faster than any trained racehorse. Luckily, Officer Oh and his colleague are patrolling the area at that time, so Jae-won was able to call for their help. He shouts with all his might, “Catch that thief!” When Eun-oh trips and falls down, Officer Oh wasted no time in pulling out his handy-dandy handcuffs and putting them on her.

Can Eun-oh get away with her crime this time around?

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